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Early autumn leaves on a Cherry Tree by Lake Tomahawk

Monday, August 2, 2021

It's August birthday month!

 In my family anyway. (Sorry, I didn't feel like editing some of these shots which are sideways.)

Blank inside...fun to write to some relatives!

My middle son, R. is the 16th

Mine is the 23rd.

My youngest son, T.'s wife K. is the 12th.

My oldest son, M.'s wife B. is the 22d.

I gave this card to a friend who's birthday was July 29.

My middle son, R.' wife M.'s mother, J. is the 28th, which was also my father's father's birthday, but he's dead so I don't celebrate for him any more.

It's a great month to keep Hallmark in business. Or if I'm feeling creative, I'll shop some hand-made cards or at least some cards with prints that are made by local artists. I like to keep artists in food!

Thanks for the supportive comments yesterday about my internet/TV connectivity being gone gone gone. I came over to sit outside the church where I can get on line with their modem. Not for long, but I got to read a few blogs and your comments here. There are a few other blogs already in the que to be published. And I'm consuming paper books like crazy.


  1. What a month! I don't think we've ever had the equivalent although May used to be a bot that way, especially with Mothers Day thrown into the mix. It was Sue's parents and my mother, but they are all gone now, so it is just Mothers Day.

  2. ...our birthdays start next month and continue to January.

  3. I'm glad you're able to stay connected this way. It's good to see a post here. You could add Roger to your list of August birthdays. His big day is tomorrow August 3rd!!

  4. Still connected! We can almost always find a way.


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