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Monday, April 29, 2019

Tailgate & Mudbuddies 2017 - ?

Now I come most Saturdays to visit, but no longer am a Mudbuddy. I really missed it, but I'd decided that I needed to take care of myself more than my pottery, which I was still making!  But no longer moving heavy pots and a tent and tables...I'd hung up my mudbuddy gloves, and went and hugged my friends.

I visited again in 2018, as the 4 remaining Mudbuddies continued the Tailgate Markets.  I'd decided to only do indoor shows...which meant a little lifting, but not dealing with the elements as well.  By the end of 2018 another Mudbuddy moved away, and I'm not sure who will be having a booth in 2019.  I'll take photos if they are there! And I think they've invited another potter to join them!

The Tailgate Market in Black Mountain starts again this Saturday! Look for the First Baptist Church on Montreat Rd, then park by it and walk behind to the grassy area under the trees.  From 9-12 only Saturday.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

The week in Florida and getting back!

Drive to Tampa...beat the rain storm. (Thursday a week ago)
Hang out with children and grandchildren, getting ready for big event in family.
Go walking in nature. (last Friday)
 Go out to eat a lot.
 Have a dinner with lots of people I'm related to. (last Saturday, last Sunday)
 Have a wedding for my son...and a party to remember! (last Monday) (Just look at some of my previous posts!)
Throw everything back into suitcase. (last Tuesday)
Drive home, stopping for the night in a room that was designated "smoking and pets."  It was all that was available at my second stop at a motel for a room for the night. (last Tuesday and Wednesday)

 Campus of Eckerd College, St. Petersburg.

Part of the Hanging Out activities was a beach trip on Sunday.
Part was to see the new Art Building at my youngest son's college, Eckerd in St. Petersburg.
And a big part was to get in touch with family members.

Dog of my ex-daughter-in-law, Cinnamon...the little guy kept trying to get in my lap, though I kept pushing him down.  He's cute otherwise.

Tai and Will playing some kind of video game... A padded cell these days is a comfortable game room.  They played on the big screen on the other wall.

 Here Cayenne holds their other dog, who was pretty shy.

Their mom, Cinnamon, gave us a nice dinner outside on the patio since the weather was pretty cool. It was great to see her if only briefly.

A major part of my trip was about 1500 miles of driving.  I have such respect for my cousin Cynthia Rogers, who drives a big rig for Walmart all over Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. She really loves to drive!

I will too, in a few days. For now, my sit-upon is really worn out, and my feet are swollen from disuse.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

A bit of a rant...

If you are a football fan, I hope you have a bit of understanding that the world does not revolve around that sport...nor baseball, nor basketball.
They are entertainment.

They are not my choice of entertainment.  If you can understand that many people like to watch regular shows on TV, and don't want the infringement of a non-favorite uninteresting show that bumps their favorites...can you grasp that concept?

Why would a major network put the choices of players for football teams, not even a game, on instead of Jeopardy?

It has happened before, and I thought it was a decision of a local station.  Now it seems it was the network all across the country.

Why would I be upset about this?

Jeopardy has been having 16 straight winning games by one young man, that's why.  He's won over a million dollars, and I've watched all but one of the shows.  It's amazing.

And tonight the picks of players for the NFL was on, while the Jeopardy show was happening. (I know it's taped, and I may get it on YouTube TV tomorrow.)  I am just astounded.  And I could always wake up again at 2:30 am in the morning to see the same show.  The last time that it was bumped was during the championships...the final night even.  This is a show that is enduring, and has millions of fans.

And now that Alex Trebek has pancreatic cancer, I want to see as many shows as I can while he is healthy enough to do them.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Did I show you these wedding photos yet?

I know you're getting a bit bored by them...but I've only got a few left, and this is one way I can keep a record of them. (I hope blogger never fails!)

Barb's sister Bev Baker talking with Cayenne and William, Marty's children.  And that's a great shot of bride, Barb in the hat with coursage!

Barbara pointing out that her bouquet fits just right in the wedding vase I made (until she threw it away, without the vase, that is.)
Many of the groom's family...I snuck in at the end before the final shot. L, back row, Tai Rogers, Michael Thurston, Marty Heym, Will Heym, Doug Heym, Audrey Heym, Caroline Heym, Rick Heym profile. Front row, Russ Heym, Michelle Heym, Barbara Baker, Cayenne Heym, Millie Heym, Kate Heym bending down.

They are so happy together!

Tai Rogers having animated conversation with his brother Russ Heym.

Michelle Heym, Kate, Audrey and Caroline Heym, her daughters, my granddaughters.

Lynn and Norm DeWolfe, Marty's Aunt and Uncle.

Marty's Aunt and Uncle, Connamara and Rick Heym

My sons, Russ and Tai.

My sons, Russ and Marty...wait, show that jacket off a bit...

I'm so happy for Marty and Barbara!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

More wedding photos!

Marty getting the traditional bite of cake fed to him by his new wife, Barbara

Dancing couple, my son Russ and his wife, Michelle.
 Marty's uncle Rick, Millie and Doug Heym (Marty's father and his wife) talking with Marty's daughter Cayenne.
 My granddaughters, Kate and Audrey.

 My grandson, Michael (left) my son Tai, and my granddaughter, Cayenne.

Barb Baker, the lovely bride!

My son, Marty, the groom!
Best man, Russ giving the toast.

Lovely cake, and cake pops...oh my they were good.  Never eat another cupcake if you can have a cake pop.

Tossing the garter.  I missed a photo of the bouquet getting tossed.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The most fun wedding party ever!

My son, Marty had his own costume...what a great velvet jacket!  Here he's standing with his brother, Russ, his best man.

Myself and Russ.  I ran all over the place taking pictures, but of course there were several professional photographers as well!

 Bride Barbara shows her lily bouquet to Cayenne, Marty's daughter, while Marty's son, William looks on.

Ceremony was on a stage - here's Russ (on L) Marty, officiant Michael Roaddancer, Barbara Baker the bride, and Maid of Honor, Bev Baker, Barbara's sister. That's William's head in the foreground. We were at the first table, so had a good view of the whole ceremony!

However, that pro photographer had his own light which kind of got in the way of my attempts to record the event.  But I think he was actually doing a video, so maybe someday I'll see it.

And the party began...
More is coming!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Pre-Wedding day - Barb and Marty

April 22, 2019 is the day to remember! Anniversaries are formed this way.

I'm writing this before the actual time of the wedding, because there are all these "pre-wedding" things happening.

Marty Heym, Barbara Baker

Barb and Barb...(me) mother-in-law and Barb Baker, bride to my son, Marty Heym

A gathering of the Heyms...and Barbara.  We had a Pre-wedding dinner in Ybor City...lots of good food! There wasn't a rehearsal dinner, so this was kind of it.

Barb, Millie Heym and Doug Heym. Doug is Martys' dad. Millie is Doug's wife, step-mother-in-law.

Barb greeting Russ Heym, Marty's brother, my middle son.

Marty (closest) and Russ looking at menu before dinner.

Barb and Tai Rogers, my youngest son, also making some dinner choices.

L to R...Michelle Heym (Russ' wife) and daughters, Kate, Caroline and Audrey saying hi to Marty in profile.

Michelle and Russ Heym at the dinner, April 20, 2019

Russ and Michelle doing a selfie!

Marty's son William waving hi.

 Russ' daughters, Audrey and Caroline.

 Kate (Russ' daughter) and myself.

Michael (Marty's son) Michelle and Tai (my son)

 Will, Michael and Tai as we leave the restaurant, Ybor City lit up for nighttime.