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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

After the museum, before dinner

 Some volunteer looking plants by the sidewalk...

 We had parked by this old house converted to offices, which is currently for sale.

 Thanks to a tree for keeping the car cool, as we didn't have air conditioning.

 We walked along some galleries and shops...

 And back to the plaza area...

 Then we checked out some pubs...a la Santa Fe, the good spots that were open all day had waiting lines, but we found a few that were just opening at 5 pm.

One waitress had a fabulous costume under her apron.

Then off to a delicious dinner at La Fonda Hotel.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Brunch at Rancho de Chimayo NM

Well, then there was suddenly a problem with any internet information. Our directions to the restaurant disappeared. No cell service in the boonies of New Mexico!

Yes, a tee-pee is a near neighbor.

Raven's Nest B&B is a bit hard to find in the dark of the desert, but we managed to.

 And after an hour of hungry people looking for the route to our brunch place, we found directions were available by asking.

But they had closed after breakfast, so we waited around for the lunch time.

A bar provided cocktails (before our breakfast!) I had tea.

Sitting on the patio meant the dog could be with us!

Nobody knew what kind of tree this was...

Yep, I had to capture a view that included one eye.

Chips were gone pretty fast!

This restaurant is old and well known in the area...has received a James Beard award.

When there's no cell service, a real pay phone was available.

And off we went to be tourists for a day....back to Santa Fe!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Earth Ships near Taos NM


Zora is my grandpup

The cord coming down from the ceiling leads to a vent which can be opened or closed.

Nice small functional bath...

King size bed for the bedroom.  All the windows face south for passive solar heating, and there are small gardens right below them, watered with grey water (sink).

Another vent in ceiling for passive temperature control.

Son and daughter-in-law fixed something to take along on our drive down to Santa Fe.

Shades are available to control the amount of sunlight coming in the windows.

There's a lot of desert out there! Many strange living arrangements are all around.

We'll visit the Earth Ship central headquarters Sun. morning.