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Thursday, October 18, 2018

A bit of a lean to it...

From the Swannanoa Valley Museum and History Center: (This was a Facebook posting on Oct. 17, 2018.)
Do you know where the Shuman Inn pictured in this 1930's era postcard was located? A Star Route is a postal delivery route served by a private contractor. In 1845, new legislation allowed for mail to be carried by contractors with "celerity, certainty, and security." According to the Smithsonian's Postal Museum, rather than write those three words in their ledger over and over, postal clerks abbreviated it with three asterisks (***) and these contracted routes became known more commonly as Star Routes. Black Mountain's Star Route was served by Mrs. Annie Mae Daugherty Fortune for many years. Mrs. Fortune was a lifelong resident of Black Mountain, lived on Montreat Road, and died at the age of 49 in 1970, the same year Star Routes were renamed Highway Contract Routes.

How timely, to see a historic inn (and I don't know where it really was) with a couple of leaning looking wings to it.  They might not have been leaning really, but still were perched on the side of a mountain.  US 70 used to go over part of Lookout Mountain toward Old Fort, NC.  It now has been swallowed up (mostly) by I-40 going through the same mountain pass.  We call it Old Fort pass, but they call it Swannanoa pass I think.  It just depends upon the direction you're heading!

These pictures are in reverse order (don't ask) of my trip home to the mountains from Florida in 2012
I love seeing those blue distant heights after driving through Georgia and South Carolina...they say "home" to me.

This was probably Georgia, or north Florida.

Maybe crossing into Georgia

Florida has frequent rain showers...people used to slow down or stop if they couldn't see the road.  Not so much any more.

I did pull over for a while,, and loved seeing the midst through the trees to the side of the road.

It was near a place selling peaches, so may have been Georgia.

Not on the interstate, but one of the state highways of FL, in Waldo.  There's a big flea market on weekends there.
And someplace along that route going north from Tampa toward North Carolina (obviously still in Florida, look at the palms) I tilted the camera, and thus produced this slightly tilted looking church.  This is my tie-in of the trip home to the Sepia Saturday meme for this week...as shown HERE.  (More below)

I saw a rain shower about to descend.

But it didn't catch up to me until later!

The Sepia Saturday's connection which invites us to share - based on this photo.

Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week is all over the place. Well, to be quite honest, it is falling down. So if you have any old photographs in your collection that are falling down or leaning over, this is the prompt for you. Just post your post on or around Saturday 20th October 2018 and leave a link on the list below. Whilst you are waiting for the washing to dry - or for the building to fall down - take a look at what awaits you around the crooked bend.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A lunch favorite in Swannanoa NC

There are a LOT of barbecue places in North Carolina...and I'll go to the next town west of us to this favorite for just about everything naturally smoked (none of that fake flavoring here).  I do usually choose one of my favorite sauces to add to the chicken, or the ribs, or...

I sometimes choose to eat lunch with special friends (and my vegetarian friend could feast on the various southern style sides they have) and this is the first chance I've had to give credit to a wonderful restaurant.

It's also very close to the exit on I-40, for anyone interested in easy access on and off the highway...just 2 lights and turn right past the Harley Davidson headquarters store.  You still will be next to a Duncan Donuts, though I usually prefer the basket of brownies that Okie Dokies provides.

In appreciating our neighbor, we’re participating in something truly sacred.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

My favorite selfie

Helen said "I only like my picture when we take one together."

It took about 3 tries, when we were both smiling and had our eyes open...and I'm thrilled with it.  Good friends are so wonderful in my life these days.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Plein Air painting

En pleine air

 Yes there's a fence between calf and woman with camera!

H. talks with visitors about his Monet color scheme for his house and gardens, while photographer captures cows in the background.

Ann is the first artist I've seen who uses an orange wash under her paint, which was oil.  Her style is slightly impressionistic.

Plein-Air Artist, Ann Devane at H's home for Art in Bloom June 15, 2013

a repost from 2013...

Thanks for Sepia Saturday's prompt this week...a really vintage plein air artist!
Come on over and see what others have come up with HERE...hopefully some more vintage photos!  My series of photos are just 5 years old, and have a cow rather than a horse/pony.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Michael, the hurricane here

While we watched on TV (when the elec was still on) with our mouths hanging open, the damage this Category 4 hurricane made in the Florida panhandle yesterday (having come ashore Wed. around 1:30 pm)...his waters finally gave out on Thurs here in the afternoon.

Black Mountain had received over 7 inches of rain in that 24 hours.  Old Fort had even more.  And Marion even more than that.  So no wonder there were flash flood warnings!  Mountains give up the rain pretty fast, and yet...the good news was that it didn't rain so badly over toward the coast where the last hurricane Florence had flooded the low lands with continued rivers overrunning everything.

So I just wanted to add this weather to my history page...here.
If I drive down my street, Blue Ridge Road, down the hill, across US 70 at the bottom of the hill, across the tracks, then about a block, there's the Swannanoa River, usually just a creek hereabouts.  That guard rail shows the usual length of it, and it's usually running perpendicular a few feet under the road (South Blue Ridge Road here).  But yesterday around 10 am, a Black Mountain News photographer captured it as it flooded to the pavement.  It has gone higher in the past, but this of course closed the road.

The same publication on Facebook gave this photo of my favorite walking area. Lake Tomahawk is a very shallow lake, and is in a bowl of valley between lots of steep hills, and one creek that feeds it. I don't even know if it has a name, maybe one of the North Forks.  Around here there's even a North Fork Right Fork.  I've never seen the Left Fork...but this one probably isn't it.  I'll ask some folks who live below the lake on the creek that flows into the Swannanoa just a few blocks beyond their house.

I'm glad the BM News photographer took this, because that's my path, over there on the left, and the post is the corner of the Lakeview Center building.  The bench and tree are usually on a spit of land with Lake Tomahawk on either side...and you can walk out to it.  A friend who lives overlooking the lake said it had gone back down in a few hours!  I was glad, thinking of that earthen dam that protects all those houses along the creek below the lake.

I wish I had a photo of the one of the most amazing devastations from the storm near Panama City FL.  It was on the weather channel yesterday, of a train that had been blown over...off the tracks all along the length of it...empty cars, no engine.  There were some cars that had been blown right off the wheel trolleys.

I know the personal devastation for homes was also bad, and there are many photos of how awful that looks...just lumber and a few slabs of concrete where homes were.  I hope the occupants were in shelters...and that they are able to return to their lives without too much trauma.

It was hard to read of my friend on Facebook in Tallahassee when she lost power and then was sitting in her closet with her cat listening to the roar of the wind.  I'm glad that she wrote the next day that she survived the storm without damage to her home, but was still without electricity on Thursday. The damage to property and especially trees from so much wind is staggering.

But we didn't suffer from wind.  And I only wanted to post because I wanted to save these photos for my own history.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Retreating into fiction

 While the real world has been full of the party politics choosing a Supreme Court Justice, I retreated into fiction some of the time...a kind of balancing act, I suppose.  And I tend to read one author until I'm tired of that person's plots/characterizations.  So Laurie R. King appeared for me again last week.

 I think this one I've read before, but quite a while ago.  And with my memory lapses, only some of it seems familiar.

I am grateful that I don't have to go to the library each week and lug home (and return) heavy armloads of books.  I read when I get tired these days (often afternoons or evenings) and when I find nothing entertaining on TV. And my books now are electronic through the library on-line.

But the King books were triggered by a memory of one of her (I think) novels which covered the problems of an Asian family in San Francisco with flashbacks to the earthquake.  I may have the wrong author, in which case, I'll be reading a lot of other novels before I find the one I'm thinking of. Something about burying a treasure in the garden...

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Saturday loving the early morning

I love the cool of morning, because it's going to be in the 80s again this afternoon.  I've decided if it's still summer, I'll get myself out of bed early and do outside things early. Then I'll do inside things (air conditioned) in the afternoon!

So I walked the lake at 8 am.

A pair of not-pure-breed mallards were rudely chased out of the water by a kayaker...and there were some young mallards on the path, all of which deferred to me. Well not the kayaker.

Then I ran by the Tailgate which opened at 9, visited my friends and bought some local apples...and a breakfast sandwich.

And then ran to Ingles and picked up a few staples, canned soups on sale, and coffee, and chocolate.

Then home and finally did my breathing treatment around 11.

The studio opens at 12, and I'll have eaten my yogurt with almonds and checked emails by then.  I woke up thinking of the studio tasks I have today...which is a good thing.  Some days I've just walked in the door without a clue as to what to do.

I've started making angels.  But they seem to be cat angels this year.  Maybe some regular ones will come about today.  Or maybe some dog angels.  Well, why not?  And maybe the figure of Gaia's daughter will be ready to stain.  I've given up on glazing figures...they have more failures in the glaze phase (sorry about rhyme that just came out).

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Busy Hump Day

I love Jesica's dahlias...which she grows in her garden...about 60-70 plants, all in boom right now.

She's also the administrator at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts.  YAY.

Anyway, being a check-in moment, I've got about 10 minutes before my favorite (and hate to miss) TV show, Jeopardy.

Today started out with a short financial activity (pay the rent), then cart some different pots to Joe's hair salon (Cutting Crew behind the Dripolator) and then shift the ones that had been on his display to the Center for the Arts office...and pack up the ones that had been there all summer.

Then lunch with friends at the Council on Aging lunch site, then quickly drop into the studio (when it wasn't open but I've got a key) and pull 2 handles for the 2 big bowl-mugs that I threw yesterday...and check that they will be ready to trim when the studio does open at 6 pm.

At 1:30 I checked in with the Swannanoa History Museum where I donned my name tag as a docent. Didn't have many visitors, but they were interesting people.  One couple said she used to visit her great grandmother in Black Mountain, and wanted to figure out where she had lived.  I let the director help her.  Another woman said she was a sculptor, and come to find out we both went to the U. of Florida about 50 years ago...not at the same time.  She was really interested in the Black Mountain College exhibit, and after she looked at it we talked a bit about making art, and the philosophy of art that is taught in schools.

In the midst of all my day, there was this gross text message that appeared on all electronic media simultaneously from the President.  Yes that one.  Nothing important.  Just scared the b-jesus out of everyone.

Now I've finished the bowls and a plate in the studio,after dinner in the car...and have 1 minute to go.  See ya later!

PS, the sales in the Center for the Arts give half the proceeds to support BMCA.

PPS...during a commercial which I mute always, I heard Canada Geese flying over.  That reminded me that I saw 5 monarch butterflies while driving around between places in Black Mountain today.  Nature is wonderful, if surprising.

I am always on my nebulizer for a breathing treatment twice a day, which are times I either blog or Facebook socialize.  It's better than playing solitaire.  Or looking at my ancestors. I do that while there's nothing happening at the museum, and today I added details to many of my aunts, uncles and cousins.  Whew, nothing earth shattering, but some more children of cousins are now on my tree.