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Lake Tomahawk in summertime.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

A lunch date!!

 Going out to lunch today (Thurs) with a good friend who I haven't spent much time with for one reason or another. It will be good to catch up. And photos will follow...

My friend on right, and another of her friends who I just met on left...who had a dog so was happy to sit outside.

Husband of my friend's friend, and just look at that VW!

Open Oven is a nice lunch spot...indoor or outdoor seating, and a bit of a crowd today! It was just 81 or so outside.  They are constructing a bar upstairs as an outdoor balcony kind of place.

Half of the grilled cheese sandwiches, which I had with a salad on the side. Lots of cheddar! Tomorrow I'll have to eat nothing but veggies! Cheese is frowned upon by the Plant Based food people. Just think of all that fat! Oops. But there wasn't much else available without meat. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Grocery store flowers this week

 Having dedicated a bit of my income to purchasing pretty flowers, I decided to go back to grocery store bunches this week. There are just a few of the ones left from last Sat...and it's only Wed. when I wrote this!

On the way home...

My favorite grocery, which is around 20 miles from home, but it is such fun to shop there! Gorgeous produce, many many items that are not found in regular grocery stores, and especially a deli which has lots (maybe a dozen) things that are vegetarian and vegan! I buy many of those, in small batches.

Some organic broccoli and baby spinach. A big nectarine, some halo tangerines, some radish and alfalfa sprouts, 2 avocados, 3 plum tomatoes...and the list goes on.

I don't buy much in the aisles of the store, many lovely things that are more for people who cook a bunch of things. And a good butcher shop at the back side, as well as a bakery full of wonderful things that I'm avoiding. Nope, the deli is my downfall. Lots of Thai Pepper Sauce Mock Chicken, some snow peas, some asparagus in vinaigrette, and some mock chicken salad...that's what I go for!

Yep, some of the mums are already dropping petals, and one of the roses has dark spots on half the petals.  But we shall see if it can last longer than last Sat. batch. There's no way I'll be purchasing two bouquets a week!

Hope you are enjoying the flowers of summer...either in your garden, or in the house!

Monday, August 2, 2021

It's August birthday month!

 In my family anyway. (Sorry, I didn't feel like editing some of these shots which are sideways.)

Blank inside...fun to write to some relatives!

My middle son, R. is the 16th

Mine is the 23rd.

My youngest son, T.'s wife K. is the 12th.

My oldest son, M.'s wife B. is the 22d.

I gave this card to a friend who's birthday was July 29.

My middle son, R.' wife M.'s mother, J. is the 28th, which was also my father's father's birthday, but he's dead so I don't celebrate for him any more.

It's a great month to keep Hallmark in business. Or if I'm feeling creative, I'll shop some hand-made cards or at least some cards with prints that are made by local artists. I like to keep artists in food!

Thanks for the supportive comments yesterday about my internet/TV connectivity being gone gone gone. I came over to sit outside the church where I can get on line with their modem. Not for long, but I got to read a few blogs and your comments here. There are a few other blogs already in the que to be published. And I'm consuming paper books like crazy.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Cable cut off in error

 So I have no internet nor TV at home since Sat. around 11:15 am.

I was on my way out the door, and figured it was just one of those intermittent things...would be reconnected from their office within a few minutes. As I walked to my car, I saw the culprit, a Charter/Spectrum truck was pulling away from an illegal parking spot. That was 11:30 Sat.

When I returned home at 1:30 or so, still no internet, nor TV. I tried the rebooting procedures which they have led me through enough times that I can now do it without calling them. No luck.

So I called them. They agreed, I was completely cut off. I'm sure they also looked quickly to see if I'd paid their hefty monthly fees. Had there been a line down in the yard, they asked? I said, no, our cable comes in underground from a box at the end of a building (serving 8 apartments).

I told the national repairs desk that I'd seen the Spectrum truck leaving this morning, and deduced since I had a new neighbor next door that he might have been turning on the neighbor's service, and inadvertently cut mine off.

But they could not fix it from the national repair desk. So I received an appointment and then they wrote a ticket. What that means in Spectrum-talk is that I have a ticket that asks for earliest repair, hopefully immediately.

I then got a call from some local person who told me there was nobody in the area today, I'd have to wait until Aug. 4, 4-5 n pm. I told her I'd seen someone in the area this morning. But she hung up on me.

I then had the unique (to me) experience of feeling cut off from the world. Yes the phone still worked, as well as texting friends. But the activities which I usually spend my waking hours doing were suddenly unavailable to me.

So I had lunch, Then read a paper book for an hour. Then texted a friend for a while. But she wanted to watch the game with her hubby (through cable at her house).

I tried setting my alarm and lying down, thinking I might feel better if I could nap for a while.

Then I went to the drugstore and picked up some vitimins I need. The tried to park outside the church in the shade and get the internet so I could sit in the car and read my digital book. They changed the router, and it is no longer the one I used to have access to.

So here I am at the library until 5 pm when they close (in 30 min.) I have a restaurant still to try, and hopefully the heat of the day will have diminished so I can just have the car's ac on and still read for a while there.

I have blogs to write and photos to edit. And 3 library books on my iPad which I usually read in bed.  It will be the paper book again for that activity.

Tomorrow I'll be glad to attend church (Sunday) rather than watch the YouTube live link from home. That's ok, I've got my mask! Then in the afternoon at 4 is our women's Lammas celebration outside. So my activities will be less dependent on the cable.

I haven't been able to print out the little quote that I've chosen to offer. So now I will try to figure out if I can copy it into a text message for my phone. It's a bit long for that, but maybe I can use the notebook on the phone without the internet...unless someone has told me how to get on line at church again.

Hope all my blogger friends are at peace and cool, and breathing easy with all the smoke puffing along through our air these days. Not to mention, avoiding the plague!

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Ole's for lunch


While waiting for my friends at Ole's for lunch. 

They came right after I took these photos! We had a good time! And there was clean hot air to breathe!

Friday, July 30, 2021

The palm trees creeping into my photos!


Not interested in War Memorials, and I sure know next to nothing about Queensland, or Southport. So where else can this image from Sepia Saturday take me in my images of yore?

Let's consider the lonely palm tree. It actually looks like another one bit the dust right next to it. So I'd guess the remaining palm proved itself more flexible to withstand some strong winds.

My family in 1969 at Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL. (L to R) my Mom, then oldest son, Marty, then Dad, then me hoisting younger son Russ. It was obviously wintertime! Bright sun and cold air. But there are a few palm trees in the background. I note that myself and sons are wearing our coats from when we lived in Connecticut, just the winter before this!

Go back another 32 years, and there's my father (with hair!) posing on a branch of a live oak (probably) in G.State Park in 1937. I think that's Garner State Park...a CCC work. It's in Texas, before my mother and father married in '39.

Not sure if these family members are standing in front of a huge palm tree, or some other tree, in San Antonio, TX . (L to R) My dad, then my mom, (Mat) and my grandmother "Mom", then grandfather "Pop." All dressed up for Christmas!

When I was engaged to this young man in Tampa FL, in about 1973 I took this photo...we broke up a few months later. I learned the hard way to not have a romance with a person with whom I worked.

My 3 sons, Tampa FL, 1981...Marty, Russ and Tai. (Russ was bending down and wasn't really that short!)

An album of shots...camping in lower r, but the rest of these shots are from St. Augustine, FL. The little boy is Tai, my youngest son. I sometimes scanned a bunch of photos at the same time, then planned to edit them with my photo editor, but I don't bother most of the time...so you get a small album at a time! 

And if you look closely, you'll see the bottom left photo has Tai standing next to a cannon at the fort in St. Augustine (Castillo de San Marcus) on a visit several years before we moved there. That will link back to the Sepia Saturday photo!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Hazy still on last Sat.

 Looking towards the golf course, the sky still was hazy. You can barely see the Blue Ridge mountains in the distance!

A party was happening in the picnic shelter at Lake Tomahawk...but those clouds sure were dull compared to other July photos around noon.

Sure hope the fires are put out in Canada and the northwest of the US. I feel so bad about the many square miles of lost forest. These blue slopes are much closer than the ones behind the golf course.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021


 A medium bouquet from the Tailgate Market

Some Dahlias, and even Queen Anne's Lace, some Zinnias, and one sunflower-like-bloom. Unfortuately the sunflower drooped right away...so I'm going to add some of that sugar-solution that comes with some bouquets...maybe it will help.

That was Sat.

This was Mon...

I had noticed other sunflowers in their bouquets looked droopy, but I had a fresh one. I did cut a couple of inches off the bottom of the stem...this is so sad.

By Tues. I had to throw a few things away that were shedding all over the table.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Last Saturday morning in Black Mountain


One of the MudBuddies, with her beautiful wares on display

A choice of three sizes of bouquets...I got a medium size.

It may have been in the 80s, but most of the displays were shady for this week's Tailgate Market.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Morning notes

Back to doing morning walks. 9:30 am, 75 degrees F and hazy/muggy, but some breeze helped me up the hill. Up to the entrance to the parking lot, then look at the flowers planted by the first 4 apartments...but not to take their photos today. Then the wonderful surprise nature gave me on the way down the hill.

I heard them first. 8 lovely Canada Geese honking as they fly, coming over the trees. Then their shadows cast across the driveway before they flew in formation across the sky...and then the bit of moisture that hit my forehead after they'd passed. Fortunately it was just moisture, not poop. Thanks guys. Good to see you too!

Basil is on it's way out. So I've clipped the tops about 6 inches, and am trying to root them in water inside.

The volunteer Four O'Clocks have survived the Japanese Beetles, and one (the tall one on the left) is beginning to bloom. The original seed pack said they had a good scent, but somehow I've never been able to pick it up. Today I didn't even smell the marigolds.

As I took a few pictures of my own porch flowers, I heard sirens in the distance. I went inside, then realized the firetruck had come up the driveway where I'd just walked. Did I miss the ambulance? They always come together, though most of our calls are for the Medical team rather than fires. Ah, there comes the ambulance. I didn't wait around to see where the EMT's went. 

I gladly came inside to my lower humidity air conditioned kitchen and fixed my breakfast of granola and blue berries with rice milk, and my second cup of coffee (this week with just honey it it.) I'm trying to wean myself from milk products, and sugar is not good for me, but I can't do coffee black.

So I've made a start. Of "Just Do It."