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PS, the mother of the precious baby above gave me permission to take this photo. So no, it's not me!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The sun has come out!

One of my favorite stained glass windows.  But I forgot where it is, and who made it.  If you know, please comment!

Cool nights mean I open my windows, but hot days (with high humidity) mean I close them and turn on that AC.  This shot doesn't show the sun much, and the ridge tops are still in clouds.

I've had a busy week and it's only hump day.  Going to get more active in the arts...signing up to be on a waiting list for a show out of town.  If there's a cancellation, I might be in.  Big IF.  And I'm going to get active in the Swannanoa Fine Arts League again.  See, today things look much more promising.  Why? I think I am able to keep up with the plans each day again.   Recovering from Pneumonia usually takes about a month...and I'm in my 4th week now.

Yesterday I threw on the wheel for the first time in a week.  What with the studio closed for flooding (just a bit causing a wet floor for a couple of days)... and some days my coughing really puts me into low energy...well, I've been lucky to get to lunch at the Council on Aging site here...and maybe do a bit of volunteer work.  I was at the Swannanoa History Museum 2 afternoons this month...and it's an easy sitting welcoming kind of job.

Today's big adventure was having my management do an inspection of my apartment...to make sure there are no leaks, or other damages.  I did mention to the manager that the outside wall in my kitchen is so damp that a wood cutting board leaning up against the refrigerator grew some mold.  I cleaned it with vinegar (the cutting board) but I think I'll swab it with bleach before cutting any food on it.  I also got my batteries in the smoke detectors changed while the maintenance man was checking that they were working. He was happy to use my step stool, and that meant I didn't have to.

I'm about to go to lunch, which is only $1.50 donation for the meal.  Today's one of my favorites, buttermilk fried chicken strips.  I have to watch that I don't eat too much of the mashed potatoes, and I usually skip eating the buns.  But the green veggies are usually good, as well as some kind of sweet desert.

I hope a friend of mine who just turned 60 will start coming to the lunch program.  There are lots of different kinds of people.  On Tuesdays we have a Spanish Conversation table...where we each take 2 vocabulary words and bring them back in sentences the next week.  It's great when a hispanic person also joins us, and can correct our pronunciation...if she can bare it!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Hurricane Florence

Where have I been? Well, I posted about waiting for a hurricane (Florence) and that she was bad to some of my neighbors near the coast...and not so bad for me.  Here's the summary I posted yesterday.

I will be back giving you my opinions soon!

Here's today's blog about Black Mountain and Hurricane Florence.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Wood balls for a game anyone?

I remember hours of fun (summertime probably) as a teen paying croquet.  It was more fun when friends came over and I was among equals in skill (more or less.) When I played with my family it was pretty easy to beat a younger sister, but not my parents.  I think at some time I tried to replicate this fun when I was a parent. And it must have made some impression, because I was asked to join in as a grandparent with the little ones.

So when doing research to find a nice older picture of croquet, which I understand is quite ancient, I found this great blog already giving great art and information about croquet...19C American Women, croquet-in-garden.

I'll share one of my favorite artists' renditions of Croquet.

Winslow Homer (American artist, 1836-1910) Croquet Players

Another link for me is the active croquet court (is that the correct term?) that exists next to the Black Mountain Golf Course right here in town.  I admit to never trying it out...but in the 11 years I've lived here, I have seen some players as I drove by occasionally.

From the web I found this: "Black Mountain Croquet Club || (828) 669-2281 || Two courts, one full and one 1/2. Contact: Jim Seward - mgseward@aol.com"

Players at the Black Mountain Croquet Court

Our illustrious Sepia Saturday host introduces this week's meme by saying...

Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week is - like all the ones this month - from my own collection. It features that grand old north country game - crown green bowling; in which wooden balls (or bowls) are rolled across a grass lawn (or green) in an attempt to get nearest the target ball (or jack).  If that wasn't complicated enough, the bowls have an additional weight on one side so they don't run in a straight line, and the green has a slight hump in the middle (a crown) so even if the bowls could travel in a straight line it wouldn't do them much good! So if you thought that Sepia Saturday was difficult - just have a go at crown green bowling."

Thanks Alan.  Come see what others have to offer HERE.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Stand up for...

What do you stand up for?

I started thinking about this today.
A friend stood up for herself against a bully.  She stood up for justice.
She stood up for women's rights.
She stood up for fair treatment for everyone.

What do I stand up for?

I stand up for Women's Rights.

I stand up for beauty.

I stand up for love.

I stand up for peace in this world.

I stand up for life.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Birthday gift

 You will never believe the wonderful gift Martha gave me for my birthday...no not Diamond, her new dog.
 We dropped our cars off and walked to a nearby restaurant...for breakfast.

My car had never been detailed before! It even had the headlamps shined!
This guy (Vic?) has reasonable prices and a young energetic crew working for him.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Marking time

Happy September first.
A mark that leads us toward autumn.

I'm stuck inside on beautiful days.  This damn pneumonia takes all my energy.  And yes it is damnable.

Computer: The stupid key for the words like and love...that "l" key keeps sticking. So I'm not going to type much.

I continue to read Maisy Hobbs Dobbs stories.  And sleep. (That's a computer preference, I knew it was Dobbs!)

And cough till the cows come home.  At least today the fever hasn't been the problem.

I'm glad the sun is shining, and hope it will be when I again feel like walking!
Hope everyone has a great Labor day.