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Monday, October 8, 2018

Retreating into fiction

 While the real world has been full of the party politics choosing a Supreme Court Justice, I retreated into fiction some of the time...a kind of balancing act, I suppose.  And I tend to read one author until I'm tired of that person's plots/characterizations.  So Laurie R. King appeared for me again last week.

 I think this one I've read before, but quite a while ago.  And with my memory lapses, only some of it seems familiar.

I am grateful that I don't have to go to the library each week and lug home (and return) heavy armloads of books.  I read when I get tired these days (often afternoons or evenings) and when I find nothing entertaining on TV. And my books now are electronic through the library on-line.

But the King books were triggered by a memory of one of her (I think) novels which covered the problems of an Asian family in San Francisco with flashbacks to the earthquake.  I may have the wrong author, in which case, I'll be reading a lot of other novels before I find the one I'm thinking of. Something about burying a treasure in the garden...

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Barbara Rogers said...

I forgot to mention that many of her novels (murder mysteries) have Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell as the primary characters. Her version of Sherlock Holmes is most enjoyable.