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Early autumn leaves on a Cherry Tree by Lake Tomahawk

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Grocery store flowers this week

 Having dedicated a bit of my income to purchasing pretty flowers, I decided to go back to grocery store bunches this week. There are just a few of the ones left from last Sat...and it's only Wed. when I wrote this!

On the way home...

My favorite grocery, which is around 20 miles from home, but it is such fun to shop there! Gorgeous produce, many many items that are not found in regular grocery stores, and especially a deli which has lots (maybe a dozen) things that are vegetarian and vegan! I buy many of those, in small batches.

Some organic broccoli and baby spinach. A big nectarine, some halo tangerines, some radish and alfalfa sprouts, 2 avocados, 3 plum tomatoes...and the list goes on.

I don't buy much in the aisles of the store, many lovely things that are more for people who cook a bunch of things. And a good butcher shop at the back side, as well as a bakery full of wonderful things that I'm avoiding. Nope, the deli is my downfall. Lots of Thai Pepper Sauce Mock Chicken, some snow peas, some asparagus in vinaigrette, and some mock chicken salad...that's what I go for!

Yep, some of the mums are already dropping petals, and one of the roses has dark spots on half the petals.  But we shall see if it can last longer than last Sat. batch. There's no way I'll be purchasing two bouquets a week!

Hope you are enjoying the flowers of summer...either in your garden, or in the house!


  1. ...grocery stores often have some amazing deals on flowers.

  2. What a wonderful way to treat yourself.

  3. Beautiful flowers there and lots of yummy food!

  4. The flowers and the vase are just right for one another.

  5. Those are beautiful flowers and cheery! I'm a big fan of orange.


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