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Friday, October 18, 2019

More about Earth Ships

This was the Earth Ship headquarters, and having slept in one at a B&B for 2 nights, we had a free tour. For more information visit this link https://www.earthshipglobal.com
Much of the space is take up with gardening inside of the floor to ceiling south-facing windows.

Tai and Kendra are interested in some of the environmentally friendly aspects of Earth Ships...not that they plan to live in one.

The concepts, engineering, and innovations are amazing.

A plant which is regenerating itself.

This fig plant didn't have figs...

but this bouganvilla had flowers. I wa glad to see beauty was planted as well as crops.\

High above were trays in a sunny site for food to be dehydrated.

The use of bottles and cans as spacers in concrete walls gives another use of beauty while decreasing the use of the concrete and it stays strong.

The tour starts...

 This earth ship had to stop its construction due to some permit no longer being approved...and the guide said that with the political situation now, it is unlikely to be approved soon. (He didn't give any details.) This was planned to be a dorm for students/workers learning how to build earth ships.

Though the building is incomplete, it can till be used for gardening. This is a compost process.

These window just have a double layer of plastic on them.

This fig tree had some fruits!

There are a dozen or so buildings built here. This was our guide.

The building where students stay while learning how to build earth ships, had a little kitchen area.

My friends, Sue and Geoff Stone, built their own Earth Ship home here in Black Mountain at an intentional community, known as Earth Haven. I've visited it several years ago, and it reminded me so much of what I saw in New Mexico.


  1. Definitely... "different"...
    Love all the plants...
    I've heard they are a lot of work.
    You have to *really* like living "off the grid."

    1. I'll talk to Sue about the upkeep...if that's what you mean by work. Of course they built their home themselves, with help of others who had learned how to do it.

  2. ...interesting architecture!

    1. I like the flowing lines, never have been too thrilled by squares and right angles. But where do you hang the pictures...?

  3. This is really interesting. I would very much enjoy a visit there. One way or another we all need to become more responsible and more self sufficient,


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