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Lake Tomahawk in summertime.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Night blooming Evening Primrose...and ducks


Mr. Mallard woke up when I came down the hill to get closer photos of the flowers, which were still a-bloom at 10 am!

I think I knew this one, oak leaved Hydrangia!

The night blooming (Primroses) yellow flowers were near where the ducks like to sleep after breakfast.

I was going to get down really close, but then I realized I was disturbing duck naps.

Today's quote:

From time to time I feel the moment for travel has come.
Farewell as you go beyond the veil. 
On the day of leaving, cast a veil
of humble sunset-glaze.
Let the time to leave
be quiet, still. Let no pompous memorials
build the hypnosis of grieving.
Let the lines of trees by the departure door
bestow the tranquil chanting of earth
on quiet heaps of leaves.
Let night’s soundless blessing slowly descend,
iridescent offerings of the seven stars. 



  1. Hello,
    I love the cute duck and the pretty primrose and hydrangea. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Eileen...glad you like them. Hope you have a good Tues. as well!

  2. This stirs a vague memory of having a primrose once. I don't think I liked it in our garden and didn't keep it around. Maybe it disappeared on its own.

    1. Oh my, the disappearing primrose...sounds like a mystery title. I'm sure if it was an evening blooming one, and you getting up so early, you might have passed in the night... I know, groan!

  3. ...I haven't seen evening primrose yet.

  4. Never heard of those kind of primroses. Are they wild flowers or cultivated?

    1. Pretty sure they are cultivated, as there's a big sign saying how they were brought here, and when you can enjoy them.

  5. So nice to see the ducks and flowers there. Lovely.

  6. Lovely scenes! The elfin character in 1940's Coke ads turns out to be called "Sprite Boy."

  7. Our Evening Primroses are just a blaze of colour right now and I hope they last for a while yet. I particularly enjoyed your choice of verse today.


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