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Lake Tomahawk in May 2021.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Mother's Day loving for myself

 With 3 sons, and 3 daughters-in-law, and 6 grandchildren...not one card or bouquet came by Sat. night.

OK, the sons usually give their wives the Mother's Day gifts...as if their kids couldn't do it themselves. Well, when they were little they couldn't. 

And I do remember my sons occasionally making breakfast for me, back when they lived with me.

These are last year's succulents (some small jade plant) and Kalancho tops which broke off the plant pictured below. (In this phooto you can see the Hosta below my porch, looking nice)

The only Kalancho which didn't get frost bit.

Some new Impatients in an old pot!

So I've learned what makes me happy for Mother's Day is getting new plants and flowers. I purchase them...a whole $30 worth, and repot them into the same old pots. Maybe that's why some of them always die during the summer. But I do add some new potting soil while pulling out the dead stuff from last year. I didn't have the nerve to do so when they were still alive but suffering in the fall.

Saturday I prepared the new plants. And I'm also doing a project with the defunct fish tank. I'm all finished cleaning it out, and plan to put some succulents in it, like a kind of terarian. 

By the way, if I'm misspelling anything, it's because blogger has stopped doing any of the spell check things, either on posts or comments. So I no longer know what's spelled with the right number of double letters or not! Oh, I just noticed I could turn spell check back on. And it wanted to call Impatients inpatients. But I was glad it caught mispelling.

This is a huge petunia in a hanging planter. I hope it survives till afternoon suns start it getting too hot.

Another planter will be happier in sunshine with just Marigolds.

And more Marigolds. I have another hanging planter on the balcony on the shady side of the apartment, with more Impatients. 

Yep, no Geraniums for me this year. I've noticed all the other gardening residents have them, so I wanted to be different. And I hope to not have a lot of petals falling on the floor either. But I know I'll be pinching off dead Petunias whenever I water them. And sometimes Marigolds too. I wonder if these Impatients are the kind that shoot out their flowers when they die. Oops, that might not work on the balcony, with another apartment's front door right downstairs from it! Watch out for that one!

I'm a happy mom, and will probably get a phone call from each of my sons on Mother's Day. I'm typing this up on Sat. night.

Addindum: Mother's Day...

My Mother's Day dinner from Thai Basil...which I picked up Sat. night, and will enjoy for a few more meals. Spring roll with 2 dipping sauces...and veggies and rice in a curry that wasn't at all hot. The sauces were, and the rice paper (is that what it's called) was a bit thick on one side on the spring roll, so I peeled it off and ate just the wonderful raw veggies and rice noodles that were in it.

Quote for today:

 “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”



  1. ...Barabara, I'm glad that you created your own special Mother's Day.

  2. Hello Barbara,
    Your new plants look beautiful and the dinner looks delicious. I made my favorite spaghetti and a salad.
    I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day, the weather here was dreary all day. Take care, have a happy new week!

  3. Sorry that you weren't acknowledgfeed more on Mother's Day, but phone calls are good. And flowers.

    We had a quick and distanced COVID visit. The far flung daughter texted that flowers were on their way but might not arrive that day. They didn't. Hopefully, they will come today.

  4. You really do have some beautiful flowers there, Barbara. Love those purple petunias.

  5. Love Thai food and flowers. I usually get mine and plant them on Mothers Day, but I'll be gone for a few weeks so I'm waiting until I'm back. I will eventually have petunias and geraniums; they love the sun and my main flowerbed gets a lot of it.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful. It's good to be different, don't want to be like everyone else. :)
    The chippy is a place that sells fish and chips.

  7. Sounds like a nice day--the flowers are beautiful! And the meal ooks great.

  8. I hope your sons called you. I didn't hear from either daughter until after 5. But dinner at daughter Emily's was wonderful. Son in law made it.

  9. Barbara, I always ask my husband to help me buy annual garden flowers as my Mother's Day gift, so I like that you had the same idea. The flower you chose are all very pretty. The problem where I live is that the weather has not been cooperating with planting anything this year as we actually got some snow today! I hope in another week it will finally warm up. Enjoy all your pretty blooms!


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