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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Listen my children and you shall hear

 Once upon a time

Not too far away

And where many people you know have visited,

There was a conundrum over what was true.

This is what happened.

A man became very powerful by telling lies.

He made his lies very funny, and people laughed.

He made his lies in naughty language, and people cheered.

(You see, the people had been told naughty language was not to be shared in public,

And this man told his lies very loudly in public.)

This might have been shocking,

But it became a joke. But his being a clown was just part of his show of lies.

Others copied him, telling loud lies and jokes at the expense of other's feelings.

It became an ok thing to do, though I think many of the people who laughed

Went home and still taught their children not to lie, and not to use naughty language, 

And not to hurt other people by saying mean things.

But an accumulation of lies became a pyramid built on a very shaky foundation.

And another powerful person enjoyed doing much the same thing.

These two became friends, finding the humor in how they duped so many people around them.

The second powerful person telling lies, decided that he could get his armies to invade

 A nearby country that had some things he thought he wanted. So he told the lie that the people

In that other country really belonged to his country and wanted him to come free them.

Funny thing, the people in the other country didn't ever hear his lies, but they did

Hear his soldiers and bombs. 

And they fought fiercely for their freedom from the lying powerful war-monger.

And some of the people in the first liar's country were sorry to see that the smaller country

Was being invaded by a lying powerful bigger country.

So they sent help in the form of guns.

They didn't send soldiers though.

The smaller country was able to push back the larger one's army, and they held on

For much longer than that larger powerful country had thought.

Then...the powerful liar in that war decided to get more of his people to fight against them.

And he made up another lie. He was going to send some of his people into

The area of the smaller country to hold a fake election, a referendum.

The outcome was totally faked, and would show that somehow all the people

Who lived in that small area wanted the larger country to come in and 

Defend them from the army of their own country!

This is how a liar becomes a puppet-master. He can pull strings of

His own government, his own country's army. Then he

Imagines he can set up the smaller country with more lies.

What do you think happened next?

Well, it's September 22, 2022, and Vladamir Putin is planning to move more

Russian troops into the Ukraine where the Russians have just been pushed back.

He has made no secret of his planned fake referrendum. He did this before in

Another small country.

What about the other powerful man who used lies to get into the highest office in the

United States, where he closed down areas of government he didn't like,

Where he fired people who were experts at doing their jobs and put his 

Closest "lie-suckers" into those jobs?


There are enough Americans who don't

Believe his lies. 

They never did. 

And they have been telling the truth about what he has been doing. 

There is an ongoing Congressional Investigation into 

His suckers' actions on Jan 6, 2021 when people died and much damage was done to the

US Capitol. 

The Big Lie was that even though he had no evidence, he decided (even before the election was held)

He should have won the election. 

The Big Lie was loud and full of very naughty words that he convinced 

Many people into

Denying the results of that election. They are called Election Deniers.

He is a bully and these people may not really want to do what he says, 

But bullies threaten others' to get their way. A man will do what he needs to for his children,

For his job, his wife. 

The threats that the Big Liar makes are that to side with any issue (anything he disagrees with)

Means that they will suffer incredibly. He makes up many awful things to get people afraid.

So they vote with him, stand in crowds and yell with him,

And hope that way they can maybe someday have happiness.

When Putin makes up lies, he has people beaten and arrested if they disagree.

So far this has not happened in the US.

But if the Big Liar has his way, he'd be more than happy to do the same thing.

And that's the truth.

One more important part of this story is that the cost of everything anyone needs to live on

Has risen higher and higher in the last few months.

It is common knowledge that big business corporations are behind this, since their reports

Show how much profit they have made during the very same time.

Raise the price of one thing a penny, that everyone uses and can't live without,

And do you know by the time a few million people have had to pay that

There are a group of rich people getting all those pennies.

Why is this able to happen?

For one thing the Liar has set up a system where the government doesn't get tax from

Big Corporations. So the government runs on all the smaller entities.

And Big Corporations also represent those who support 

The Big Liar - he's giving them these bonuses for having put his choices of friendly

People into positions of power, like the seats in Congress which make the laws.

He even has the seats on the Supreme Court deciding in his favor. 

His aim is to have autocratic control of 

the Legislature, 

the Executive branch/Presidency, 

and the Legal /Court System, 

the three balances of our Constitutional government.

Then he would also be a puppet-master like Putin.

Unfortunately the Liar actually has become represented by an entire party of our government

And no-one is able to separate from him. 

There have been a few conservative people who didn't agree with him

And they ran in primaries against people that he sponsored.

Most of them never got any further.

But in one state, Kansas,

A very important issue came up for women to choose when and whether they have a baby,

The people voted against having a law tell half the population (the women)

What the women could choose to do.

And that's the truth.

So the conundrum is figuring out where the lies are

And speaking truth such that the frightened people who may repeat the lies but don't really believe them

Will be able to stand up and find the truth also.


  1. Replies
    1. Yet there are those of us with decency and belief in the democratic foundation of our government that may be able to weather this storm. It isn't the first one.

  2. It's awfully sad. It is awful what people do to strangers! Greed, corruption...

    1. I find there's an equal group of people who work together to find solutions, not sure if they are strangers. We just met them today, and had a friendly discussion...including 2 young people who are running for office.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, I've had this in the back of my mind for weeks, but the three things just came together last night with ongoing goofy lies in FL, and new threats from Russia, and then the politicians using high prices as an excuse to vote against the party in power in the government today...while the minority party put corporations in the position of raising prices for them.

  4. It's all so confusing and frightening and depressing!

    1. It may be explained in a simpler way, but this just came out this way. Sorry to be depressing, I was trying to record the truth at this time. We who know it need to use it to empower ourselves in whatever creative ways we can.

  5. Is this country hopeless? It feels that way sometimes.

    1. I don't really feel hopeless. I see many young people with hope for the future.

  6. These powerful people need to be taken out of power. The constant lies, greed and corruption is just disgusting. Who we vote for really matters, from the state and federal levels. Take care, enjoy your day!

  7. What a story! It’s a good thing that’s it is just story that could never happen. Oh, wait a minute here.

    If you composed this, many congratulations. If not, then thanks for posting anyway.

    1. Thanks, it just has been in the back of my mind for a few days when bam, the Russian referendum came, I couldn't stay silent...whatever I say is important to record this incredible misuse of power.

  8. Yes, indeed. The proliferation of lies has made it tempting to throw up our hands and give up trying to find the truth. But we must not give up--we must endeavor to persevere. Everything depends on it.

  9. I can respect and appreciate tour thoughts and opinions, Barbara.

  10. Barbara, Does this mean that you don't love having a Narcissistic Sociopath as the leader of our nation? Both political parties are only interesting in staying in power and some members of both parties are quite destructive as regards our democracy. We are in a political death spiral. Just my opinion... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

    1. Frequently I have heard how awful all politicians are...having been raised in a conservative household. But now that I can think and choose for myself, yep, I do find the ones being brainwashed are the most troubling to think of representing me in government.


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