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Thursday, January 10, 2019

T'ai Chi master.

"I want to Play" she said.

She rose from where she was sitting, keeping her red cloak on, wearing a white outfit with black sash.
She stepped forward onto the playing floor.
And she spun.
She spun so fast, just a blur of black/white/red, which rose in a nano-second to the roof.
And there she spread her arms and legs, looking down from where she was plastered on the high ceiling.
She just smiled at us, looking up at her.
She had her robes kind of falling forward to remind us that gravity still existed.
And she stayed there for the count of maybe 10.
Then she just stepped down, and was standing on the floor again.

I had wanted to ask her, isn't this like the moves of T'ai Chi? But I forgot all about it.
I was smiling like a banshee, I know.  I had seen that.  Only a few of us had.  The rest of the room kind of was blurred in another time/space continuum.  They kept talking, looking at each other, or moving as they had been doing before this event occurred.  But I knew.  And she knew.  This was the Playground.  This was how to move through our space.  How to make our movements be beyond what we thought were limitations.

This was how to Play.  How our bodies could play with the world.


Barbara Rogers said...

And of course, then I woke up...

kerrdelune said...

If I ever get my mobility back, I am going to do Tai Chi! Darn these cancer drugs anyway.

Kristin said...

Awww, I think it happened anyway. Somewhere you visited in your sleep. I do qigong, but will never get to the ceiling.