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Looking toward the Blue Ridge Mountains over the Black Mountain Golf Course

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A finch-y good morning

Sunday, first cuppa, watching out the window to see what the world has to offer. Hear the cheep cheep cheep of a bird, and when I look that direction, I see a beautiful house finch.

He's similar to the purple finches I used to see at my feeder. And he's happy right outside my window. I just forget the coffee and let it go cold. 

Then I notice Mrs. Finch is part of his interest, and I can just see her looking at him, seeing whether he is the right fellow I'm sure.

She flies toward his branch and she must have decided yes, for they take off over my roof to who know where. (Photos thanks to internet).

I keep an eye on the several pairs of squirrels doing their dances up and down the trunks of the trees. And continue to listen to birds talking up a storm. Speaking of which, we had steady rain all day yesterday, so I'm surprised the robins aren't out harvesting worms. They will be soon I imagine.

The sun is back, and within the time all the young pods of pollen dry  out, we will have to close windows just to be able to breathe without sneezing.  Until them, cool crisp clean air is much appreciated. Sigh.

Today's quote:

On the next rainy day, imagine the rain washing away and cleansing your emotional body.

By Daily Om


  1. House finches are so cute. Once upon a time we had a little glass feeder that we stuck right on the window, and it was mostly the finches that came to it.

  2. It is bird flirting and nesting season here too. Lots of activity with birds flying everywhere carrying twigs wherever they're headed. Love that you see those House Finches.

    1. It's nice to have avian nature doing its thing outside my windows!

  3. ...I'm having a squirrelly morning at my feeder.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, having bright color on the male does give a bit of something beautiful to see.

  5. Why are the lady birds so drab? :)

    1. They have more nesting duties I would imagine.

  6. House Finches are rather splendid little creatures. A nice interruption to your routine.


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