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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Remembering why...

This holiday is all about patriotism.  I've kind of gone beyond believing that our country is that much better or different than others, especially with its immigration issues.  

Any nationalism means putting arbitrary boundaries across land which just continues. Building fences might have uses, especially with livestock which wanders.  But the basic fact is that we don't really own the land, we don't really have straight lines that surveyors make across a landscape.  It's all arbitrary and time limited.  Blink into the future another 300 years, or the past the same amount of time.

We Americans have been dreaming our liberty and justice for all for only 240 or so years (since before our big Revolution).  And it was exactly for the same reasons other people are revolting against their governments today...when the government no longer has the best interests of the people in it's actions.

That's why I'm very interested in the Moral Monday demonstrations that the NAACP is leading in Raleigh against a totally Republican state-government which is making very biased decisions.  

This is democracy in action.  This is what I will celebrate today.  People are saying what they believe to have their leadership listen.  It no longer works in our electoral system.

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