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Saturday, August 17, 2019

When you think you've got things under control...

My car problem this week!

Friday was to start with car work on the air conditioner.  Every day while I've driven around with windows open and the heat of August, I have said to myself "It won't be long until Friday when you'll again have air conditioning."

But when I got to the repair place, the part hadn't arrived yet, so he wouldn't be working on it till after one/ So I canceled my friend coming to pick me up, and having coffee with her.  Instead I drove to the new doughnut place and got some sinfully delicious thing...and came home to coffee that was already made.

Then I went to yoga and lunch, driving in my hot car, then I rushed off to the repair place again. A friend from yoga came to pick me up and took me home. Then sit and wait, while everything I think I should go do, I'm unable to because I have no car.  I'm so used to that (my only means of transportation.) There is a van/bus service, but I'm too independent, wanting to go when I want, where I want.  I may sometime start using it.

But today I worked at home, took a nap, and later the woman who had planned to take me home in the morning texted me again.  I asked her whether she might be interested in taking me back to the car place around 4:30-5. She said yes.

As we were talking, I got a funny phone call from "unknown number." Which I answered, thinking it might be the car place. How do I know what they call clients from? I usually am calling them.Well, nobody was there, just dead air. So I called the car place, and the man said, "I'm just working up your ticket. "I asked if he'd just called me, and he said, "Not yet." I said "I got this funny call, and nobody was there. You sure you weren't just thinking about me and somehow you mentally sent a phone call?"

He laughed. "Not that powerful." And then he crunched the numbers. And then he told me and it was actually lower than the estimate had been.  How many times does that happen?

I peeled off all the $20 bills that had been in my sock drawer (not really) (from the ATM) and when I got done, I told him to use the credit/debit card for the rest. They gave me my key, and I drove home loving my car, taking to it (its name is Grey Hawk.)  And the a.c. worked just fine.

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  1. So glad you got your air conditioning working again. August is no fun in a car without it.


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