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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Champion Travis Traylor Sr. 1770

Another February 6 birthday...
another great grandfather...
born in Dinwiddie, Dinwiddie County, Virginia, an unincorporated township in a rural county about halfway from Richmond south to the North Carolina border.  His parents were William Michael Traylor who fought in the Revolutionary War, and Priscilla Nanny Perkinson Traylor.

AncestryDOTcom gives Champion 9 brothers and sisters.
Spanish moss growing on Live Oak trees.
How is he related to me?  Glad you asked.

My generation is 1
My father George is 2
His father George is 3
His mother Betty Bass Rogers is 4
Her mother Mary Ann Elizabeth Powell Bass is 5
Her mother Nancy Jones Traylor Powell is 6
and her father Champion Travis Traylor Sr. is generation 7 from mine.

Champion married 15 Aug 1797 in Wilkes, Georgia, to the beautiful (of course) Sarah Jones (daughter of Susanna (Sukey) Claiborne (Clairborne) and Frederick Jones.  Since her family was also from Virginia, it seems probable that they were also immigrating elsewhere at that time, and may have settled in Georgia.

At age 42, Champion Travis Traylor fought in 1812 against the British in the War of 1812.  He received a land grant of 169 acres as a result of this service, in Cahabu, Perry County, Alabama, where he moved before the actual deed was granted.  This is known because his death in Perry County, Alabama occurred in 1832, and the deed was signed by the secretary to President Andrew Jackson in November, 1833.

  From US Archives.

Possibly the Cahaba River near it's intersection with the Alabama River
Now Cahabu is known as Cahawba, the first capitol of Alabama, which has virtually vanished.  Here's a link to information on it...and it's a few miles south of Selma, Alabama, of which you may have heard. 

The Traylors have 15 children listed on Ancestry.com, but I'm pretty sure some of them didn't exist quite the way they are listed.  There are 2 Champion Traylor Jr. born 12 years apart, while the first was still alive when the second was born.  That just doesn't happen, no matter what's going on in a family.  It only happens when people willy nilly accept that someone posted a person as a child of these people without checking to see how possible it might be.  Perhaps the second Champion Jr. was a nephew.  I'm not going to try to figure it out today.

Historic St. Luke Episcopal Church, Cahawba, Alabama

Champion Travis Traylor died on April 4, 1832 at age 62.  I don't know where he is buried.
Many of my ancestors received land in Alabama, and most of them moved on to Louisiana then to Texas.

All photos shared on this post are from .cahawba.com/index.

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