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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Vegetarian perhaps soon

As I cooked and chopped the heads off, and ripped the legs and shells off, and pulled tails off and gouged out the veins along the backs of my fresh shrimps, I thought how fortuitous it was that I was about to eat these lovely little animals that gave their lives so that I might live.  So I'm grateful for the circle of life.

But I thought, would I be willing to do this cleaning, scraping and cooking if it was a cockroach? Or some other crustacean?  I don't usually butcher my meat.  Would I be willing to take the life of a mammal in order that I might live?  Probably not.

So I'm thinking seriously about being a vegetarian.

But they were sure delicious.  My carnivorous taste is alive and well.  It's just my moral sense that rises its strict head at times like this.  I'll think about it.  After all, I eat whatever is served (almost) every day for lunch Mon. through Friday (at the Senior Lunch site for $1.50 a day) which includes meat usually.

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  1. And what delightful dreams I had after eating my shrimps. 2 new kittens were living with me (in the dream) as well as one dear old black cat which has been gone for about 8 years. I loved having them with me, but eventually as I woke up, I was looking for where to put a litter box...what had they been using up to then, I wondered!


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