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Monday, June 16, 2014

Joyous scents - purely sensuous

It started with the gardenia last week.  I knew there was scent there, but my first sniff came up cardboard.
Oh no.  The most prominent scent around and I was blank.  Determined too.  Sniff like a cat, sniff sniff sniff.  Nope.  OK, deep breathe a few times and stick my nose all the way in, and yes, a slight scent came to my brain.
Ahhh, such gratitude.
And no, as so many have asked, I had no loss of sense of taste.

This all happened as a result of post nasal drip causing coughing, so taking lots of daily allergy pills, and then the specialist saying it's not in my lungs, so try a sinus rinse with saline solution twice a day.  I got so I could skip the allergy pills about the time I realized I'd lost my sense of smell completely.  Well, maybe kitty pan cleaning would let me know the yucky kind of smells were still there.

Burnt toast?  Nothing.  Beer?  Nope.  Freshly cut grass...nada.  And I was ok, because I just stopped the nasal rinses too, and I was positive I'd get it back.

Fast forward 2 months and today I was blessed.
Cut a grapefruit in half.  Ahhh, such a scent of sunshine bundled into citrus.  Dip a spoon into wildflower honey, and there was it's sweetness in my nostrils.

I can't express how grateful this makes me.  It's sensational!

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