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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fish grow, fish die

No setting on my camera would capture these little guys without blurs

I was so excited Wed. a week ago, that some baby guppies had survived the appetites of their parents...and here are some of them about double that size.  I did however lose one of the pretty mother fish this week.  I guess I should have remembered to take her back for a refund (within 14 days of purchase) at PetSmart.  But I'd already flushed by the time I thought of it.  I do always send a blessing to the little fish spirit however.

This shot does show the gap between the 2 turquoise pieces of plastic that hold the plastic barrier in place, which is how the babies escaped to the nursery side of the aquarium.

They are beginning to have some colors, which I find interesting.  I look forward to maybe being able to get the camera to focus quickly enough next week to have one out of about 25 pics in focus.  Fingers crossed.

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