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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cousin-making with weddings

Happy ancestor birthday to Annie Elizabeth Williams Webb
born on 20 June, 1862 Columbus, MO,  
Death 8 Jul 1942 in San Antonio, TX
(NOTE: I've edited this post since publishing the link on Sepia Saturday, so the grave photos are now at the end.)

She was the mother of Albert Joe Bud Webb, my grandfather on my mother's side.

I've posted blogs about both Grandma Annie's parents, both born in KY in December, who lived in MO a lot of their lives, then died in Weesatchee, Goliad County, Texas.

Annie Elizabeth Williams married Leroy Frances Webb  at 15 in Weesachee TX.

So a lot of her life is described in my post about him HERE.

I am pretty sure my mother (born in 1917) would have been introduced to this matriarch who lived until the year I was born, actually just a month and a half before.  Surely while her son was alive she saw her granddaughter.  

However I vaguely remember hearing from my mother that she had no contact with her grandmother.  I am pretty sure my grandmother went to her husband's funeral (Bud Webb) and saw her mother-in-law (Annie Williams Webb) there.  My mom's grandfather actually outlived her own father by a couple of years, so the funeral for Bud Webb may have been one of the first in the Webb plot. (Picture at end of this post)

I also remember Mom saying that her grandmother, Annie Elizabeth Williams Webb, had been an heiress to the Woolworth fortune.  And there was some connection with the Little Church Around the Corner in New York City.  I think my mother was bedazzled  by the Barbara Hutton story somehow, the bad girl who got all that money.  She named me Barbara, after all.  Didn't get the qualities of movie star, and certainly never inherited any fortune, but at one time I did have a few men in my life, mmm.

Of little interest to my descendents, unless they somehow find they are cousins to someone named Webb or Cross, Hammerle, Doughty or Meyer, the other children and grandchildren of Annie Webb.

When Grandma Annie's daughter, Marguerite Ellen Webb Carroll (1883-1951) died of a cerebral hemorrhage and hypertension, her sister gave details for the death certificate.  Sister is listed as Mrs. Fred C. Bruce, and her identity was also Clara Bell Webb Bruce (1888-1971).  The Bruces and Carrolls didn't have any children according to Ancestry.

One son outlived Grandma Annie, Thomas Ketch Webb, born 1886 in Weesatche, DeWitt County, Texas, Death 22 Jan 1959, Bexar County, TX.  He married Lenora A. Bilhartz Webb 1896 – 1972 and Ancestry doesn't list any children.

I'm checking Ancestry through all the 6 "surviving to adulthood" Webb children to see if my mother might have had any Webb cousins.  She never talked about them.

Grandma Annie's other children were the three mentioned above and:
James Eugene Webb, who often is listed as J.E. Birth 09 JUN 1878 in Clinton, DeWitt County, Texas Death 10 AUG 1927 in Weesachte, Goliad County Texas. He also died of Cerebral Hemorrhage, and high blood pressure (at age 49), as would his sister Marguerite later.  His death certificate shows he didn't die in Corpus Christi, which is where Ancestry had listed his death.  He was buried in Weesachte Cemetery. He and his wife, Alvina Albrecht Webb (1885-1971) had one daughter, Gladys Webb, b 1908.  Nothing more on Ancestry at this time about Gladys.

John Leroy Webb, Birth 17 MAR 1880 in DeWitt County, Weesatche, TexasDeath 20 FEB 1938

John married Elizabeth Lizzie Hohn Webb (1883-1960), and their children were; Anne Lorraine Webb Cross 1902 – 1949, Hazel Marguerite Webb Doughty Hinds 1908 – 1970, and Pearl Adelle Webb Hammerle 1918 – 2005.  John's death certificate says cause of death was hemorrhage of stomach.  His wife gave the information about him, not knowing where either of his parents had been born.   He was buried in the Mission Burial Park.

L. F. Webb, Jr. 1905-1937. Ancestry doesn't indicate he married or sired any children. (NOTE at the last minute: He did marry, Evelin, and they had a daughter Evelin Webb.)

Pearl Webb married Clarence (Cam) Hamerle (she was daughter of the cowboy John Webb, and she and her husband are buried at Arlington National Cemetery)

So my mother's cousins were Gladys Webb Meyer, Anne Webb Cross, Hazel Webb Doughty Hinds, Evelin Webb and Pearl Webb Hamerle. And it seems most of them were in San Antonio TX also.  And the more I look,  the more information is available about them, their husbands, and their children.   

I'm sharing this post with Sepia Saturday this week HERE.  It may not be exactly on theme of Weddings, but after all, that's how families come together originally and start having a whole new batch of cousins.
a WRONG ratio on this pic made everyone look really fat!

  Webb family, Masonic Garden, Block 2, Lot 105

Webb family plot, Masonic Garden,, Block 2, Lot 105, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX

Webb marker Mission Burial Park South San Antonio

Webb marker Mission Burial Park South San Antonio



Anonymous said...

John Leroy is a dashing looking lad, and as you said weddings are where families start, or that used to be the way. Not so sure these days.

La Nightingail said...

Out of ratio or not, that last picture is really nice. What a lovely background it was taken against.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

I apologize for the meandering nature of this post, but I keep finding more info on Ancestry, and when adding it, I decided to move the grave pictures to the end of the post...appropriate, don't you think?

North County Film Club said...

I'm so sorry that you didn't inherit any of the Woolworth fortune. Too bad.
Ladies of the Grove

Mike Brubaker said...

I think weddings mark that special moment in genealogy when we know where everyone should be. Two extended families begin at that moment to share stories and history.

Sharon said...

Well the bride in the final wedding photo must be very thin then!

Karen S. said...

Wow! I like that final wedding photo of all the family grouped together too, what an amazing location to take it.

Jo Featherston said...

Sounds complicated! One set of my son-in-law's grandparents weren't even invited to his and my daughter's wedding because his parents and grandparents fell out when they(his parents) got married, which is a bit sad. The bride in your last photo definitely doesn't look fat at all, but maybe the effect is worse away from the centre of the shot.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

I think you're right about the people on the ends of the shot being made to look short and fat, while the bride and groom look pretty well proportioned. What kind of lens would do that?

Little Nell said...

Thank you for these happy wedding shots - pity about the two siblings both dying of the same cause though.

Bob Scotney said...

It's interesting to me to see how you have traced you family connections. I can get back to the 1800s also but with no photos from before our time and only a limited number of wedding pics.

Kristin said...

I like the way you take us through the ancestry and I have to agree the bride must be a toothpick if everybody is distorted. Unless, there is a cats eye effect or something.

Wendy said...

I enjoyed all the personal stories and memories in this post, meandering or not.

Sensible Footwear said...

You sound like you've researched an awful lot about your family which will be so helpful to future generations. Your last photo of the family group is really lovely!