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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Container gardening June version

Outside the kitchen window, the Fuchsia may not have blooms this year, but it's a nice green plant
Some petunias are looking over the wind chimes by the studio and front door
Begonias near the back door will have to retire when it gets too hot on the southwest side of back door.

One container on the front porch at this time
The small aloe isn't doing that well, brown tips.  Any advice?
There are 3 groupings of containers at the front of the house

Mexican Lavender
Re-potted Gardenia is about to bloom
These tiny tomatoes look like they will never climb the tomato cage...hope they are ripe soon!
I've got other plants around the place...but my photos were getting somewhat blurred as I was in a hurry I guess.  The rose may bloom, especially if I find that stuff I bought last year for the holes in its leaves.  The other (better looking) rose bush died in the cold winter.  I have another arrangement of pots under a tree where someone piled pieces of concrete and bricks to keep the tree from spreading, so I can look out while cooking and see something nice.

My humble cottage where I feel like a queen

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