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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Water, the element

WATER: One of the elements which provides a balance for our living on this little blue marble spinning through space...along with earth, air, and fire according to ancient traditions (from Western Europe or Native Americans).

Freshwater Limited ...
The Freshwaters Illustrated Mission is to educate diverse public audiences about the life, study, and conservation of freshwater ecosystems through illustrative science-based efforts, and to provide illustrative resources and services to scientists, educators, and media specialists.
The FI Vision is to help inspire a world that is more conscious of freshwater life and more sympathetic to the cause of freshwater conservation.

Hidden Rivers: a film series about the vibrant waters of Southern Appalachia

Hidden Rivers is Freshwaters Illustrated's forthcoming short and feature film series about the vibrant waters of Southern Appalachia.


Clean Water for North Carolina

A nonprofit organization promoting clean, safe water and empowered, just communities through community organizing, advocacy, education and technical assistance, with offices in Durham and Asheville.

Moral Monday June 10, Raleigh, NC
I started asking about water around my area.  And there will probably be many other organizations concerned about it.  There should be.

I'll start checking on air, earth, and fire,  the other 3 necessary elements next, and will post some of the things I find to share with you too.

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