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Monday, February 11, 2019

Monk's Blend

Last year my son Russ gave me "Loose Tea of the Month."  I received a package of 3 bags of different loose teas each month.  This is one of my favorites...Monk's Blend.

I like it because its scent is flowery, and it is pretty light. I just put a spoonful of honey in it.


robin andrea said...

I just googled this tea to see what kind of tea it is. It sounds delicious. I make a pot of tea every morning. We may have to try this some time. Yum!

Barbara Rogers said...

Hi Robin, what kind of tea do you drink every morning? I admit to liking coffee, but have switched to decaf these days. May try some caffeinated teas in the morning.

robin andrea said...

I make a pot of English Breakfast tea. We buy loose-leaf organic tea at our local co-op. We like it nice and strong!

Barbara Rogers said...

I still prefer it weak. May change as I experiment with flavors more.

Barbara Rogers said...

Today I'm having a black tea called Apple Spice. I decided to have weak tea, but with full flavor, I'm using half a teaspoon but steeping it the full amount of time called for in directions. I'm impatient and usually just leave it a minute, but today a full 3 minutes was called for, so done. It is darker, for one thing, and tastes pretty good. Not like a teabag tea called apple cinnamon at all!