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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Write a book

Emails from September, 2011, the events in Washington that were of major concern (see last 2 posts for backstory)

From my friend, The Flowery One:

Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 9:40 AM
Subject: Busy, busy day
I hope I have time to write more than a sentence or two. Son M. is on his way to pick me up. He called last night to set up the time and how we'd do it. The Silent One can go home today any time before 10 o'clock at night, so the kids are arranging it for me. 

Thank goodness because I wanted to be there when they sprung The Silent One. 
 All that's important for now is that The Silent One is coming home today. Hooray!

And later this good news came:

Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 9:02 PM
Subject: The Silent One is home!
The Silent One is home and resting. Whew, what a time of it for all. He has all weekend now to just sit and rest. Then Monday he has his doctor/psychologist's appointment. Then he has to stop at the clinic and see if they'll give him a prescription for more meds which he's been out of for FOUR MONTHS and didn't tell me. No wonder his blood sugar shot up so high...300. He's feeling better emotionally but still very, very fragile, and of course his body has taken a beating too. You're right about not expecting things to go back to the way they were. We don't WANT it to go back. That's what got him in the trouble and the depression he's in. Things will be on the upswing from now on.

We're going to stop working 24/7 and only work the hours they pay us.  We'll take that time to look for new jobs and a new place to live. We've been invited to live with the family if we need it.

In fact, son M. has broken up with his partner for good. We even helped him pack a little today until The Silent One got too tired. It helped get The Silent One's mind off things to do that. Anyway, son M. is moving out tonight and staying in his sister-in-law's spare bedroom. He'll be getting a new place in the next few weeks.

I'm just SO glad to have my honey (haha, almost typed "homey") back again, alive and on his way to being happier and healthier!!!! I can breathe again. Thanks for all your good energies, support, words of wisdom, and love!!!

And my other friend, dear Brain, got into the conversation also, of course:
Sept 25

Dear  ones,
 I've just read all your messages. Oh my! What a difficult time you've been going through, Flowery One.  I'm grateful your family was nearby and rose up to meet your needs.

My first thought when I learned The Silent One had been told his regular job was ending or changing was that the agency is having severe financial problems and had to cut back on their expenses and the first place they would look at is in the workforce. That's been happening all over the U.S. and globally. The entire country and states are facing unrest and governments are being overturned, rioting everywhere, wars are starting. 

I'm so sorry that you both were deeply troubled by it. You are such clever, efficient, and creative workers that corporate must have wanted to make sure that you'd be willing to stay on with lower pay. 

Dear Flowery One, I'd been thinking (before this) of you and The Silent One writing a book, selling it. Your imagination would help you write a novel. Now I'm thinking you could write something about surviving so many different things that you've been going through. Like depression, or job loss, or living with an extended or blended family, or sharing a home. 

Then the Flowery One answered her:
Thanks for your e-mail, dear Brain. Yes, things have been rough but all that matters now is that The Silent One is home safe and sound and will most likely not do anything like that again now that he knows what I went through. He also knows it was so unnecessary, that (and you're right about this) it was in large part because of the company trying to save money! 

 As to writing a novel, you've hit on another thing that might turn out like that in a way. We've been talking about starting back up our old business, where we write and sell books for activity directors. That's still very possible. We just need to get settled somewhere so we can have a place to work and a place to store the books we sell. 

When picking nick-names for my friends, it was hard not to call The Brain, Motorcycle Mama.  But I refrained, because I really respect her intellect.  However, there is that other  persona in there too.

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