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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Born 69 years before, part 2

Nancy Jones Traylor Powell married in Perry County, AL in 1822.

Several census reports in Alabama and Louisiana also show her family lived close to other Traylor families.  Some of these families moved to Texas as well as her own.

There are also other Powells (her mother's kin)  nearby often in the records.  Her census even included Traylor children of her siblings living in her home.

I wrote a bit about these families Here.

Her father, Champion Travis Traylor, Sr. was born in Virginia (1770 – 1832) and he fought in the War of 1812.  (Post about him was HERE.)

He received a land grant as many other soldiers did in Perry County, AL.

Her mother,  Sarah Jones Traylor (1780 – 1847) was also born in Virginia, and didn't move further than Union Parish, Louisiana.

Great X3 Granny Nancy married James Moore Powell when she was 18 and he was 31, in Perry, Alabama. (His blog was HERE.)  

They had 10 children born in the different states to which the moved.  (Remember my skepticism about some children that Ancestry.com lists as part of a family. When families have cousins being raised in their household, especially with the same last name, you have to look closely at a census and hope there's a record of nephew or niece.)

I'll continue more information about Granny Nancy tomorrow.


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