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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

John Thomas Conn

This last week I've been posting ancestors in the Norman branch of my family tree.

Coming back down (a bit closer) to John Thomas Conn, who was the husband of Mary Margaret (Polly) Norman Conn...it's his birthday 9 Apr 1790 in Plum Creek, Jefferson, Kentucky,
Death Nov 1844 in Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas.  

Note, Jefferson County is incorrect for his birth county at that time, but may have included Plum Creek at one time, before being merged with the city of Louisville, KY.  I believe it's likely that Plum Creek is a tributary of the Salt River, as is Elk Creek, both in Spencer or Shelby County, KY.  Again counties boundaries and names have changed and the rivers and creeks haven't.

His birthplace in Plum Creek is probably where the home of his parents was located.  His father, Thomas Conn (1765-1835) married his mother, Mildred Ann Conley (1770-1845) in Spencer County, KY probably in 1789.  (Unfortunately one source said they married in 1781 when she would have been 10 years old.  I am so tired of these listings that are perhaps believable once, but not for every generation.)

John Thomas Conn married Mary Margaret (Polly) Norman in 1813, in Elk Creek, Shelby County, KY. 

I recently published a post about John Thomas's wife, Polly HERE, in case you are interested.
Both her parents are buried in Elk Creek Baptist Cemetery.  I showed their tombstones in this blog.
And I went looking for them last December and took some pictures of the area and posted them HERE.

The Elk Creek Baptist Church is the oldest Baptist church in Spencer County  It was organized April 27, 1794.  Current address is: 2670 Elk Creek Road, Taylorsville, KY 40071

John Tomas was the second in a line of children.  Some of them went with him when he started going west and eventually ended up in Gonzalez, Texas. 

The Conn's moved to St. Charles MO, and that's where Polly died in 1833.

John Thomas moved to Ralls County, MO, and remarried to Mary Nancy Taylor.  They then moved to Texas, and continued having children.

One of John Thomas and Polly Conn's daughters, Hannah, apparently settled in Indiana, where she married a widower and they became my great grandparents.  I'm not sure how she ended up in Indiana, and will keep trying to find some records about that chapter of her life. 

John Thomas Conn died in Gonzalez, Texas as did his second wife.  Incidentally Mary Nancy Taylor Conn had also been born in Plum Creek, KY.  

Nancy Taylor Conn

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