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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Isaac Norman's birthday

Isaac Norman (a father of a mother of a mother, etc) was born in 1765 in the town of Culpeper VA, which had been called Fairfax, Culpeper County, VA.  The original survey work of the town had been done by George Washington himself.  While Isaac was a child, the changes of names might have been confusing.  But by the time (after 1800) things were worked out, he had moved to Kentucky, and lived out his life there (as early as 1800 census records).  But to have the city name of his birthplace and (see below) the county name of his death place change, means records are sort of wishy washy for him.

Isaac's daugter Mary Margaret (Polly) Norman was born also in the same VA town, in 1792, and she had her daughter Hannah Leak Conn in Shelby County, Kentucky in 1818.  Polly died in St. Charles MO in 1833.

Isaac's granddaughter Hannah Leak Conn (where or where did they get that middle name?)  married William Lewis Booth in Jackson County, Indiana, after his first wife died leaving him with 2 children.  They moved to Texas, which leads closer to my family tree, as you may have already seen my posts about Eugenia Booth Miller, the granddaughter of Hannah Conn Booth.

Isaac Norman's mother, Mary Read Norman, died in childbirth, the day he was born, (she was 42.)  He was the youngest of a family of 12, though I don't know that 4 of them lived through childhood. But that the rest did speaks positively of their genes and circumstances, especially since many of his siblings also lived past 60.  Isaac himself was 63 when he died in Elk Creek, KY.  He'd spent most of his adult life in the same area, though the county name changed.  Part of Shelby County went into the new county of Spencer County in 1824.  He had lived there since the 1800 census at least.

He had a sister named Kesiah Norman, who was 5 when he was born.  Another member of my family was named Kesiah Bass, but her family were in the coast lands of Virginia rather than the western hill country, and their westward migration took them through Alabama. Eventually these two lines of my ancestors did meet and marry...but not until my mother and father got together in San Antonio, Texas! 

Sometime before 1784, Isaac married Hannah Gage, born Apr. 20, 1762 also in Culpeper County, VA.

In a short biography of her grandson, Solomon Norman, Hannah was described as a "relative of Gen. Gage, of Revolutionary fame, and of English descent." This statement appeared in "Kentucky: A History of the State." Perrin, Battle & Kniffin, 6th ed., 1887, Spencer Co. That statement gave rise to an oral family history that she was actually a daughter of Gen. Thomas Gage. Many of her descendants heard that same story. Her true relationship to Gen. Gage is unknown at this time.

Isaac's wife, Hannah's parents were David Gage (1725-1807) and Esther.

Hannah Gage Norman died on Feb. 28, 1845, and she is buried next to her husband  in Elk Creek, Spencer County, KY
Their children were:
Lemuel Norman (1785 - 1866)
Sarah Esther Norman (1788 - 1867)
Abner Norman (1789 - 1856)
Mary Margaret "Polly" Norman (1792 - 1833) (My ancestor)
Rebecca Norman (1796 - 1850)
Elizabeth Norman (1798 - 1866)
Martha "Patsy" Norman (1798 - 1870)
James G. Norman (1805 - 1880)

Here is an excerpt from Isaac Norman's will of April 1828:
"In the name of God amen I Isaac Norman of Spencer County State of Kentucky being weak in body but of sound sense and memory...
Second It is allso (sic) my desire that my wife Hannah Norman shall have five Hundred Dollars paid her to be raised out of my land goods ___? and one bed & furniture.
Third   It is my Desire that all I possess Land ___? To be sold at Publick (sic) vendue and five Hundred Dollars be paid to each of my Daughters if so much Can be Raised from the Proceeds of the above vendue after my wife fie (five?) hundred being paid her My Daughters are Esther Akers,  Polly Conn, Rebecca Shaw, Elizabeth Pound & Patsy Stout...
I do hereby Appoint Abner Norman my Executor to have this my last will & Testament faithfully Executed.
In testimony whereof I have Leveun (sic) to set my hand and seal this Eleventh day of April Eighteen hundred & twenty Eight."
Signed by the said Isaac Norman (signature & seal)

He died in July of 1828.

His grave is in Elk Creek Baptist Cemetery in Spencer County, KY

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