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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Air element

What do you think of first when "Air Element" is read?
Air conditioning?

You've got it.  We survive with each breath we breath.  In just about 2-3 minutes without good air going through our lungs, we don't survive.

Boy is this element taken for granted!

The rain forest situation is truly the lungs of our planet.  Thank you to the children in our church community who just sold baked goods to purchase (and protect) over 10 acres of rain forest in Costa Rica.  Every brownie and cookie helps.

I've got a lung condition (Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease, COPD) which means my lungs are operating at less than 100%.  Many other people have asthma and allergies these days.  These conditions are directly related to air quality.  

Smell something.  Doesn't matter if it's the compost smell, what the pet just did, or the floral bouquet on your drier sheets.  Those are chemicals which go into your body in your lungs.  They have long term effects.  

It's like learning about how heavy metals stay in our bodies...we have the same amount of lead and mercury in us that we've ever taken doesn't get processed with the rest of our wonderful waste product system.  So doctors ask us if we ever smoked.

If you sat in traffic before the gasoline had "unleaded" as part of its requirement, the fumes from all those internal combustion engines were full of lead.  And most of our vehicles didn't have airconditioning, (all made in America at that time)  so our windows were open.  Did you breath?  I'm not saying that's a lot of lead.  But it's still inside us!  This is part of our earth element (which will be covered next week.)

Back to enjoying clean air.

Get the power companies and industrial corporations to stop trading their pollution for "environmental credits."  Look into this.  They all do it, and they are the main source of air pollution.

Insist on environmental issues being considered by your government representatives.  Your children and grandchildren's breath depends upon it.  Global warming must not continue to be considered a joke by our political representatives.  The lag time between science and government is short when it offers a profit...but very long when it deals with health issues.

I'm not saying please.  I'm up on my soapbox, and I'm not going to get off.  I do hope you'll consider what I'm saying seriously.



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