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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Brain's emails

"The Brain" is one of my two dear email friends, who I haven't seen for maybe 40 years, and she has MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  Her husband is "The Tall One."  She has an adult daughter and 2 grandkids living out of town.  She writes less often than she used to, probably because sitting at the computer isn't comfortable any more.  But when she writes, I can tell she's still the whip intellectual that she's always been.

Fisher, one of The Brain's huge cats

The Brain said (around Sept 30, 2011)

 Oh oh. TV  PBS is on now and they're warning us about new scams that target the elderly. Even though I blew up at one doctor who had treated me in the hospital and wrote his report calling me an "elderly" patient. I spoke sharply telling him he could refer to me as "old", or "aging" or a "crone". He's young and was taken aback, but he apologized. I called him Young Man, whippersnapper but was just getting started. rapscallion is one of the terms that came to mind. He was really repentant, I'm sure. I began to feel sorry for him, but it also felt good! I don't know if I explained "crone" to him. I'm sure I did. He turned out to be a very nice doctor. A urologist, I think, who oversees the Foley nurse and changes in how often it gets changed. The new nurse does an excellent job changing it. Her only problem is she's not a talker like the other ones.

At least she's not allergic to cats! The others have been dog owners and barely tolerate cats.

  ... if either cat does something wrong, The Tall One yells at him, and is REALLY loud. The cats are so quiet, they stop and run away. I was always telling The Tall One that the cats don't learn anything from that.  Tonight for the first time in our lonnnng marriage, I started to, then shut up. Just have remember to take a deep breath now. And not grit my teeth.

This is why I never have time to write!  I begin and never end.

I haven't complained enough. Have felt gloomy and bored and wonder why I ended up like this.

gotta run...let's see . Flowery One, I think you're doing an amazingly wonderful job plunging in to gather up your resources. You'll do so well, I know. Supply and costs take more of your abilities. From what you said, you've got your own army troops standing by to help by donating food from their gardens.

Not to mention your family living nearby.

It seems like everything you've been doing in the past few years has come together in anticipation of  this point.

Bart, The Brain's other huge cat!

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