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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The 69th Year of my descendents

I decided the year in which I was 69 years old would be interesting to write about.

But in case there isn't enough to say, I might consider some other years, or maybe other authors of similar topic.

What if one of the children born this year, when reaching 69 years of life, decides that it's time to write about that year of her/his life?  (I don't have any grand nephews or nieces born in the last year, so it wouldn't be a relative probably.)

That would be in...let's see...not 2111, for that would be 100 years from when I turned 69.
Oh dear, not having a calculator...and not knowing how to use a slide rule (any more, I probably did when I was around 18)...the long subtraction way means...ah, 2080.

So these would be descendents of my friends and neighbors.  And I won't be around to read about their lives.  Wonder how different they might be...

Thinking of the future.

Do you have a word you chose to focus upon for this year?  I did.

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