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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our Studebakers

A wonderful connection to my family is the car we drove...or rather all the cars of a certain make.
My father and mother, the year they married, on a camping/hunting trip in Texas.  Not sure if this is a Studebaker.

I don't know when they first came about, but before I was born, the Rogers guys were driving Studebakers.  OK, to be a good historian, I'll check over on the web.

 The Studebaker family had originally made wagons after immigrating from Holland in 1736.

The brothers Studebaker
My father in center, with Ada Phillips Swasey Rogers and George Elmore Rogers Sr. in front of their car.  They drove to Dallas Texas from either San Antonio or Houston when my sis and I were born in 1942 and 46.

After making an electric car, the Studebakers switched to gas, and for about 50 years made the cars that were well known for quality.  The troubles of car companies didn't miss theirs, even when they merged several times with others, and they closed in 1966.

Studebaker Champion first generation, 1939
 1949 Houston Texas, on my grandfather's birthday.

The battleship Texas at San Jacinto Monument.

Barbara's eighth birthday, Aug 23, 1950, St. Louis, MO

Studebaker four-door sedan

Our new Studebaker, 1955  Grandfather (Poppy) with Mary Beth and Barbara on left photo.  Barbara pretending to drive on right.

This was probably our last Studebaker, around 1957, St. Ann Missouri.  I'm on left, and dear Dad on right.

1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner, showing the streamlined design of the 1950s Studebaker

Since I didn't learn to drive until 1958, that meant I learned on a car that was several years old, and by the time I was in college, my father had found another brand to drive, but I learned on a Studebaker.

So when my friend, Phil,  posted this picture on FaceBook of an old (not refurbished) Studebaker in New Jersey, I had moments of my early car memories!

I also included the family Studebaker in a picture last week from our visit to Wisconsin cousins.


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, My name is Marianne, and I have a blog on Wordpress. It looks like you and I are the newbies at Geneabloggers this week. Fun! I loved looking at your Studebaker photos. Cool stuff. I think that's the make of car that my dad's family moved from New York to Nevada in. I'll have to double check that with dad before I blog about it, though.
Anyway, welcome to Geneabloggers!

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Thanks for stopping by Marianne. Now I'm going to go check out your blog. That's what it's all about, here in blogland. Happy to share our joining Geneabloggers on the same week.