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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Frederick Andrew Williams

Here's the person that I found most interesting.
Some people put parents on his tree in their ancestry DOT com listings.

I'm not certain who his mother was, and apparently his father had an interesting name, Shadrach Williams (1730-1810).  Many of the trees agree his mother was named Sarah, but where she came from could be New York or Wales.  Apparently some of the ancestry family tree creators are debating how Sarah in Wales was not only born there, married Shadrach Williams, and died in Wales.  I don't think they had a son born in Orangeburg County, South Carolina.  So I'm voting that the Shadrach Williams who was his father was someone closer to home.

But how could he have married a woman from New York when he was born in Richmond, VA in 1730.  Somehow we've got Sarah's birth and death dates (1749-1811).

Then I started checking the innumerable children, many of whom were listed twice, with a year different in birth or death, or no dates at all.  The first scarey birth listed was in 1750, a John Franklin Williams.  So when his mother was 1 year old, she gave birth in Orangeburg County SC.  Mmmm, not so much, I think.

I deleted three siblings born before Frederick, who was born when she was just 15 as it is.  Or perhaps this isn't the correct birth date for their mother.  I probably won't be able to ferret that out, because women just didn't get lots of paper referring to their lives in the colonies back then.

Well, the records are confusing, and I'm just curious enough to add the names Shadrach and Sarah Williams to Frederick's tree.

Frederick married Cassandra Elizabeth Tate (1765-1851) in 1785 in South Carolina.  Sounds believable.

They moved to Kentucky by the birth of son Richard in 1792, and were on the census of 1810 in Somerset, Pulaski County.

Frederick was in the militia from Kentucky in the War of 1812..though he was 48 at the time it began. His Company was the 14 REG'T (MITCHISSON'S) KENTUCKY MILITIA. Rank - Induction: PRIVATE Rank - Discharge: PRIVATE Roll Box: 227 Microfilm Publication: M602.

Frederick's second child, first son, was Richard  Frederick Williams.  The Frederick and Cassandra Williams family had many children, but I kind of doubt the last was born when she was 60.  Honestly!  I just want to kick something.  There's a real person, who was sweetly named Cassandra "Suzie" Williams, born in 1825.  I'm pretty sure she wasn't the daughter of Cassandra born in 1865.  So she belongs to another family named Williams, and perhaps was named after our Cassandra.

So that's been the fun and games that I've played this evening.

The real stories got confused as people were pouring over the mountains into Kentucky and Tennessee.  When people got things written in details, like the census records that say children's names and birthdates, it's a lot easier to get things straight.

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