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Monday, June 16, 2014

Virginians who moved to E. Tennessee

Mary Beavers Clack
Birth: Jan. 12, 1745

Death: Aug. 14, 1840

Wife of Spencer D Clack, mother of Beulah Catherine Clack Rogers. Her son-in-law was Rev. Elijah Rogers.  (My comments on this post are all in Italics)

Family links:
  Spencer Clack (1746 - 1832)

  Rhoda Clack Randles (1776 - 1850)*
  Beulah Catherine Clack Rogers (1778 - 1850)*
(There is no Beulah in the Rogers Bible records, just Catharine. BR note)

*Calculated relationship
Forks of the Little Pigeon Cemetery
Riverside Dr,
Sevier County
Tennessee, USA

as of 2012 this record was added to TN Find a Grave
Beulah Catherine Clack Rogers
Birth: Jun. 23, 1778
Death: Oct. 30, 1850

 is the daughter of Lt Spencer Clack and Mary Beavers Clack. She was the wife of Rev Elijah Rogers.

Family links:
  Spencer Clack (1746 - 1832)
  Mary Beavers Clack (1745 - 1840)

  Elijah Rogers (1774 - 1841)

  Rhoda Clack Randles (1776 - 1850)**
  Beulah Catherine Clack Rogers (1778 - 1850)

*Calculated relationship
Forks of the Little Pigeon Cemetery
Sevier County
Tennessee, USA

This note is included in my cut/paste.  I do highlight some interesting parts of the information.

 The text contained in this article is from a Web document that was formerly available at the Sevier County Library's Web site. The document is no longer on-line, but it was located in an Internet Archive. The actual source and transcriber were not identified in the document, nor was there any indication of whether the extraction was complete. Some minor, obvious corrections were made to the text because it appeared to have been mechanically converted (OCR).
No copyright infringement is intended by posting the information here for the benefit of researchers.
If you have information to add-to or correct this document, please follow the links on this page to Contact Us.

Spencer Clack (1746-1832) by Miss Tommie Clack, Abilene, Texas; and J. A. Sharp, Sevierville, Tenn.
Spencer Clack, Revolutionary soldier, settled in Sevier County, Tennessee, in 1788 or 1789. Little is known of his military service except that he was a lieutenant of a Virginia (Henry County) militia company in 1782-83; Captain Tully Choice was company commander. He was born, March 28,1746. His obituary gave his birthplace as Loudoun County, Virginia, but this could not be accurate for Loudoun County was not partitioned from Fairfax County until 1757, and no Clack records, as early as Spencer's birth, were found in either of these counties.
Spencer Clack did, however, live in Loudoun County, and witnessed there, in 1770, the will of Thomas Beavers; also, Loudoun County was probably where he married Mary Beavers about 1766. He sold his lands in Loudoun County in 1777 and moved southward to Henry County, Virginia about 1778, when he purchased land in the latter county. In 1786, when Franklin County, Virginia, was formed from parts of Henry and Bedford Counties, he became one of the first justices of the new county, and in 1787 he sold his Franklin County lands, just before his westward trek to Sevier County, Tennessee.
No conclusive proof of the parentage of Spencer Clack has been offered, although various attempts to do so have been made by descendents and genealogists. It does seem certain, however, that he descended from Rev. James Clack, English-born rector of Ware Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia, from 1679 to 1723.
The Spencer Clack home in Sevier County was located on the right bank of Little Pigeon River, immediately below the junction of the East Fork and West Fork of that river. Here, in 1808, Spencer obtained an occupant grant from Tennessee for 442 acres; most of this land was on the north bank of East Fork directly opposite to the town of Sevierville, or the Forks-of-Little Pigeon, as this frontier settlement was known. The Chandlers and Walkers, Clack descendents, later owned the same place and the old Clack home was located on the same site as the later Chandler-Walker home. Near his home Spencer operated one of Sevierville's first mills, also a cotton gin and wool-carding machine.
Spencer Clack was prominent in the affairs of the Forks-of-Little Pigeon (Sevierville) Baptist Church from the time of its formation in 1789 until his death. For many years he served as church clerk. In addition to his church activities he was interested in education and politics. He was an early trustee of Nancy Academy, Sevier County's first school and gave money for its support. He was one of the five Sevier County delegates to the Knoxville convention of 1796, which drafted and adopted Tennessee's first constitution and he was a signer of that document. He also represented Sevier County in the lower house of the first three Tennessee legislatures, 1796-1802, and in 1801 he served on the legislative committee "to prepare a device and motto" for the Great Seal of Tennessee.
Neither the Spence(r) Clack Bible record nor the Spence(r) Clack will have been found; therefore, the writers will list only those who were unquestionably children of Spencer and Mary Beavers Clack. Perhaps, in this way, the confusion and error of other Clack descendents and genealogists may be avoided.

Good proof exists for the following Clack children: Martha, Rawleigh (Rolly) (b. 1772), Rhoda (b. 1776), Catherine (b. 1778), Frances (b. c1783), Mary (b. 1785) and Malvina.
Martha Clack's marriage to Josiah Rogers occurred in Franklin County, Virginia, in 1786; they apparently came to Sevier County with the Clacks. Rawleigh Clack was married (1) to Mary Randles in 1791, and after her death he was married (2) to Martha Kerr in 1816; this marriage took place in Sevier County. Sixteen children resulted and about 1820 Rawleigh and family moved down the Tennessee River to Rhea County, Tennessee, where he died in 1842. Rhoda Clack married James Randles in 1791; they raised a family of twelve on Boyd's Creek in Sevier County. Randles died in 1816, while on a trip to Virginia for salt, and was buried somewhere in Washington County, Virginia. Catherine Clack was married, in 1794, to Rev. Elijah Rogers, early and well known Baptist minister in East Tennessee; they raised five sons and five daughters at their Sevier County home near the mouth of the Little Pigeon, on the French Broad River. Mary Clack married William Miller; they left Sevier County at an early date and settled in Meigs County, Tennessee, where she died in 1860. Frances Clack was married (1) to Mordecai Gist; after his death she married (2) John Mynatt of Knox County, Tennessee. Malvina Clack married Major Beavers; they left Sevier County for Talladega County, Alabama, soon after the War of 1812.
There were doubtless other Clack children, but the writers do not believe that Spencer Clack, Jr. John Clack and Nancy Clack were children of Spencer and Mary Beavers Clack, as some published accounts claim. However, there is a well established tradition that there was a son, Micajah Clack, who was "killed by lighting." And there may have been a daughter named Rebecca Clack, but again we must rely only upon tradition for proof. Also, in 1789, one Sarah Clack (b. c1773) married William Henderson in the "Forks of Little Pigeon," as shown by bounty land papers in the National Archives; they migrated to St. Louis County, Missouri, about 1840. We believe that this Sarah Clack, heretofore unknown to present generations of Clack descendents, was another daughter of Spencer and Mary.
Spencer Clack's death occurred, July 9, 1832 and he was buried in the old Baptist Cemetery at Sevierville; the original flat limestone rock with the unique carving of Spencer's face and the initials, "S.C.", still marks his grave. Mary Beavers Clack died, August 14, 1840, and was buried by the side of her husband. At the time of his death a contemporary described Spencer Clack as a "pious… worthy Christian, kind and affectionate. . .an excellent neighbor, remarkably even and unruffled in temper."
Note the DAR chapter in Sevierville is called Spencer Clack chapter of DAR (BR)

One Ancestry Tree gives this:
Mary (DeBeauvilliers)Beavers  Birth 12 Jan 1743 in New Jersey
source: William Doss Beavers Tree 
 Doss Beavers gives this info...
Mary Beaver's parents:

  • ID: I01841
  • Name: Thomas BEAVERS 1 2
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1718 in Ireland 3 4 2 5
  • Death: 8 OCT 1770 in Loudoun Co, VA 6 2 5
  • Will: 28 AUG 1770 Loudon Co., Va 7 4 2 5
  • Note:
    From the NOTES of Gary Watson: Loudoun County, Virginia, Will Book A, page 269, 28 Aug 1770, Thomas Beavers, In the name of God amen the Twenty Eight August one thousand seven hundred and seventy I Thomas Beavers Senior of the County of Loudoun in the Colleny of Virginia Ffarmer Being sick & weak in Body but of perfect mind & memory Thanks be given unto God for the same & calling to mind the mortality of my Body & knowing that it is appointed for all men to Die, Do make and ordain this my last Will & Testament That is to say principally and first of all, I give & Recommend my Sould unto the hands of God who gave it & for my Body I recommend it to the Earth, to be buried in a Christian like & decent manner, at the Discretion of my Executors ... and as Touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath please God to Bless me in this Life, I give Devise & Dispose of the same in manner and form following, that is to say, in the first place I give & Bequeath to Martha my Dearly Beloved Wife the use of all my lands goods & chattles Except a certain young bay mare, & half Dozen sheep, & the above lands & Tenements goods & chattles & the profits from them arising, to my Beloved wife as above, in order to enable her to suport & Educate our children & discharge my Lawful Debts But, if she should hereafter marry then she must give up the Lands to the Benefit of my children unless my Executors should think it for the Benefit of my children to continue her Longer on them, for Rents to the full value & when my youngest Son Samuel is of full age I do hereby order my Executors to Devide and dispose of my lands in the way & manner hereafter directed & to my Beloved Son William I give one half Doz Sheep as above Excepted, & to my Son Thomas I give the above excepted young bay mare. And to my Son Robert I Bequeath a certain gun & I bequeath to my Sons Joseph & James one hundred & fifty acres of land, to be taken of from the South side of my Lott & the remaining hundred & fifty acres on the North side of my Lott I bequeath to my Sons John and Samuel & if either of the four last mentioned of my Sons should Die before they have a right to possess their part of my lands if they leave no heirs then their part shall be equally divided among such of my sons as do Survive of the four above mentioned & if my wife should marry hereafter all my moveble Estate then in her charge shall be aprais'd & the value of them Reserved for my two youngest Sons till they are of age unless their Circumstances should require all or part of it for their Necessary Suport of which I leave my Executors to Judge and I do hereby ordain constitute and apoint William Beavers Senior & David Carlile my only & sole Executors of this my last Will & testament .. in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the day & year above writen. In presence of us Spencer Clack, Willm. Beaty, Andrew Beaty. The Testator before Signing the within will ordered that if his Wife nevery marry his moveable Estate should be hers intirely Except what is within Excepted and if She doo marry eh allows her to have his Sorrel mare over and above what is within mentioned. At a Court held for Loudoun County October the 8th 1770... will proved and ordered recorded.

    (More stories: with note below this saying,)
    ChesterYM Beavers is not a German name...unless....: The name "Beavers" is definitely not a German name. There is the strong possibility, however, that it was Anglicized upon coming to America. Chances are good, though, that it was originally "Bieber", or "Biebers", the German "ie" being pronounced like the English "e" in "honeybee". (If "Beavers" were German, it would have to be pronounced in three syllables, and would sound nothing like the English pronunciation.) "Beh-ah-ber" would be closer to the German.

    Generation No. 2- Children Of John Beavers Alexander Beavers was born in ~ 1716 in Germany.  No information is available on his spouse or children.THOMAS BEAVERS was born in 1718 in Germany and immigrated to America with his family in 1740.  He married Martha Cargill, daughter of John Cargill, about 1743.  He died 8 October 1770 in Loudoun County, VA.  Their children are:i.                  Robert Beavers, b. 1740 in NJii.                 Thomas Beavers, b. 1742iii.               William John Beavers, b. 1743iv.               Mary Beavers, b. 12 January 1744 in NJv.                 Joseph Beavers, b. 1750vi.               James Beavers, b. 3 March 1753 in VAvii.              John Beavers, b. 1755in VAviii.            Samuel Beavers, b. 18 January 1762 in Fairfax County VARobert Beavers was born in 1726 in Germany and came to America with his family in 1740.  He married Elizabeth Armstrong.  He died in 1774 in Sussex County, New Jersey.  Their children are:1.                Alexander Beavers, Sr., b. 1743, NJ2.                Sarah Beavers, b. 17443.                William Beavers, b. 17464.                Robert Beavers, Sr., b. 17475.                Elizabeth Beavers, b. 17496.                Moses Beavers, b. 1754Joseph Beavers was born in 1728 in Germany and also arrived in America with the family in 1740.  His first Marriage was in 1745 to Mary White, and the second was in 1750 to Ann Clifford.  He died 22 December 1816, in Hunterdon County, NJ. His children are:1.               Sarah Beavers, b. ~ 17462.               George Beavers, b. 17573.               Catherine Beavers, b. 17654.               Elizabeth Beavers, b. 17675.               Martha Beavers, b. 17696.               Rebecca Beavers, b. 17717.               Margaret Beavers, b. 17748.               Mary Clifford Beavers, b. 17519.               Ann Beavers10.           Theodosia Beavers11.           Naomi BeaversWilliam Beavers was born in 1720 and immigrated to America in 1740.  He married Abagail Hampton.  He died 26 July 1788 in Rockingham County, NC.  Their children are:1.                  Abagail Beavers2.                  Elizabeth Beavers3.                  Ann Beavers4.                  Sarah Beavers5.                  Hannah Beavers, b. 17466.                  Mary Beavers, b. 17477.                  William Beavers, b. 17638.                  Rebecca Beavers, b. 1767

  •  ======================
    (another convoluted and non-substantiated history)

    Ancestors of Delmer Harrison Marquess

    Generation No. 1

    1. Delmer Harrison Marquess He was the son of 2. Isaac Taylor Marquess and 3. Susan Catherine Teter. He married (1) Valna Belle Ledbetter.
    Generation No. 2

    2. Isaac Taylor Marquess, born February 20, 1847 in Evansville, Preston Co., West Virginia. He was the son of 4. John Marquess and 5. Nancy Evans. He married 3. Susan Catherine Teter.
    3. Susan Catherine Teter

    Children of Isaac Marquess and Susan Teter are:
    i. Oliver Marquess, born January 20, 1875.
    ii. Harrison L. Marquess
    1 iii. Delmer Harrison Marquess, married Valna Belle Ledbetter.
    iv. Warren George Marquess, married Gertrude Spencer.
    v. Gertrude Marquess, married Charels E. McCoy.

    Generation No. 3

    4. John Marquess, born April 24, 1797 in Frederick Co., Va; died January 31, 1857. He was the son of 8. Issac Taylor Marquess and 9. Elizabeth Beavers. He married 5. Nancy Evans.
    5. Nancy Evans, born 1801; died February 02, 1857. She was the daughter of 10. Hugh Evans and 11. Sarah Thomas.

    Child of John Marquess and Nancy Evans is:
    2 i. Isaac Taylor Marquess, born February 20, 1847 in Evansville, Preston Co., West Virginia; married Susan Catherine Teter.

    Generation No. 4

    8. Issac Taylor Marquess, born April 04, 1772 in Frederick Co., Va; died 1861. He was the son of 16. William Marquess and 17. Sarah Taylor. He married 9. Elizabeth Beavers February 15, 1795 in Frederick Co., VA.
    9. Elizabeth Beavers, born January 01, 1774 in Frederick Co., Va; died 1857 in Taylor Co., WV. She was the daughter of 18. William John Beavers and 19. Mary Wyckoff.

    Children of Issac Marquess and Elizabeth Beavers are:
    4 i. John Marquess, born April 24, 1797 in Frederick Co., Va; died January 31, 1857; married Nancy Evans.
    ii. William Marquess, born 1798 in Louisa Co., Va; married Anne Watts; born July 03, 1801 in Reno Dist., Preston Co., Va.
    iii. Samuel Marquess, born July 01, 1800 in Louisa Co., Va; died February 01, 1883 in MO; married Hulda Criss; born March 20, 1818 in MO; died July 11, 1893 in MO.
    iv. Sarah Marquess, born September 30, 1803 in Louisa Co., Va; died 1863 in Parker City, Randolph Co., In; married (1) William Bradley; born Abt. 1799 in Parker City, Randolph Co., In; married (2) Melker Shroyer; born October 25, 1807 in Grafton, Monongalia, VA; died April 26, 1876 in Delaware, In.
    v. Craven Marquess, born August 01, 1805 in Louisa Co., Va; died July 29, 1868; married Sarah Evans; born June 11, 1811; died March 18, 1910.
    vi. Rebecca Marquess, born Abt. 1808 in Louisa Co., Va; married Melker Baker April 28, 1826 in Monongalia Co., Va; born December 29, 1801 in Monongalia Co., Va.
    vii. Elizabeth Marquess, born December 18, 1810 in Evansville, Preston Co., VA; died March 20, 1882; married Calder Haymond January 01, 1831 in Monongalia Co., Va; born March 31, 1807 in Grafton, Monongalia Co., VA; died April 17, 1868.
    viii. Mary Marquess, born February 07, 1813 in Louisa Co., Va or Evansville, Preston Co., VA; died August 09, 1870; married John Haymond October 17, 1835 in Monongalia Co., Va; born May 27, 1814 in Monongahela Co., Va; died December 19, 1881.
    ix. James Marquess, born November 06, 1818 in Louisa Co., Va; died July 08, 1880; married (1) Amanda Fox; born Abt. 1822; married (2) Anastacia Baker; born 1818; died September 22, 1857.

    10. Hugh Evans, born September 01, 1770; died Abt. 1873. He married 11. Sarah Thomas.
    11. Sarah Thomas, born Abt. 1776; died May 22, 1859.

    Child of Hugh Evans and Sarah Thomas is:
    5 i. Nancy Evans, born 1801; died February 02, 1857; married John Marquess.

    Generation No. 5

    16. William Marquess, born Bet. 1735 - 1740 in Calvert Co., MD; died April 05, 1788. He was the son of 32. John Marquess and 33. Margaret Kidd. He married 17. Sarah Taylor August 07, 1764 in Calvert Co., MD.
    17. Sarah Taylor, born 1741 in Frederick Co., VA; died 1828. She was the daughter of 34. Isaac Taylor.

    Children of William Marquess and Sarah Taylor are:
    i. Keziah Marquess, born 1764 in Frederick Co., Va; married Electus Hayes.
    ii. James Marquess, born 1765 in Frederick Co., VA; died 1828 in Hardy Co., VA; married Rebecca Smith September 06, 1787 in Frederick Co., VA.
    iii. William Kidd Marquess, born Bet. 1765 - 1770 in Frederick Co., Va; died in Delphi?, In; married Jane Trussel; born Abt. 1781 in Loudoun Co., Va; died in Dayton, Oh.
    8 iv. Issac Taylor Marquess, born April 04, 1772 in Frederick Co., Va; died 1861; married Elizabeth Beavers February 15, 1795 in Frederick Co., VA.
    v. Zacharia Marquess, born 1774 in Frederick Co., Va.
    vi. Wilson Marquess, born 1775 in Calvert, Maryland.
    vii. Frances "Fanny" Marquess, born Abt. 1780 in Loudin (Clark) Co VA; died Abt. 1850 in Hardy Co., VA; married Solomon H. Groves May 09, 1798 in Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia; born Abt. 1778; died Abt. 1823.

    18. William John Beavers, born Bet. 1739 - 1743; died 1781 in South Caroline. He was the son of 36. Thomas Beavers and 37. Martha Cargil. He married 19. Mary Wyckoff 1763 in New Jersey.
    19. Mary Wyckoff

    Children of William Beavers and Mary Wyckoff are:
    i. Samuel Beavers
    ii. Mary Beavers
    iii. John Beavers, born 1771.
    iv. Robert Beavers, born January 24, 1772.
    9 v. Elizabeth Beavers, born January 01, 1774 in Frederick Co., Va; died 1857 in Taylor Co., WV; married Issac Taylor Marquess February 15, 1795 in Frederick Co., VA.
    vi. Moses Beavers, born 1777 in Fairfax Co., VA; died 1860 in Preston Co., WV; married Hannah Holbert November 17, 1803 in Fredrick Co., VA.

    Generation No. 6

    32. John Marquess, born 1705 in Ireland; died 1750 in Calvert Co., MD. He was the son of 64. Marquis Marquess Marquiss Marcus Mark Markee. He married 33. Margaret Kidd 1735 in Calvert Co., Md.
    33. Margaret Kidd, born 1718 in Calvert Co., MD; died 1774 in Calvert Co., MD. She was the daughter of 66. William Kidd and 67. Ann Gideon.

    Children of John Marquess and Margaret Kidd are:
    i. James Marquess, born Abt. 1735.
    ii. John Marquess, born Abt. 1737 in Calvert, Maryland; married Corinne Unknown.
    16 iii. William Marquess, born Bet. 1735 - 1740 in Calvert Co., MD; died April 05, 1788; married (1) Sarah Schmidt; married (2) Sarah Taylor August 07, 1764 in Calvert Co., MD.
    iv. Kidd William Marquess, born Abt. 1741; died in Delphi, Indiana; married Elanor Magruder; born 1745 in Montgomery County, Maryland; died April 25, 1826 in Shelby Co., KY.
    v. Ann Marquess, born Abt. 1743; married (1) Unk. Turner; married (2) Unknown Sibley January; married (3) Garrett Van Meter April 03, 1757.
    vi. Sarah Marquess, born 1745; married Unk. Stevens.

    34. Isaac Taylor

    Child of Isaac Taylor is:
    17 i. Sarah Taylor, born 1741 in Frederick Co., VA; died 1828; married (1) John Sunderland Abt. 1758; married (2) William Marquess August 07, 1764 in Calvert Co., MD.

    36. Thomas Beavers, born 1718 in Germany; died 1770 in Loundon Co., VA. He was the son of 72. John Beavers. He married 37. Martha Cargil.
    37. Martha Cargil

    Children of Thomas Beavers and Martha Cargil are:
    18 i. William John Beavers, born Bet. 1739 - 1743; died 1781 in South Caroline; married Mary Wyckoff 1763 in New Jersey.
    ii. Robert Beavers, born 1740.
    iii. Thomas Beavers, born 1742.
    iv. Mary Beavers, born January 12, 1743/44.
    v. Joseph Beavers, born 1750.
    vi. John Beavers, born 1755.
    vii. Samuel Beavers, born January 18, 1762.
    viii. James Beavers, born March 03, 1753.

    Generation No. 7

    64. Marquis Marquess Marquiss Marcus Mark Markee

    Child of Marquis Marquess Marquiss Marcus Mark Markee is:
    32 i. John Marquess, born 1705 in Ireland; died 1750 in Calvert Co., MD; married Margaret Kidd 1735 in Calvert Co., Md.

    66. William Kidd He married 67. Ann Gideon.
    67. Ann Gideon

    Child of William Kidd and Ann Gideon is:
    33 i. Margaret Kidd, born 1718 in Calvert Co., MD; died 1774 in Calvert Co., MD; married (1) Unknown Smith; married (2) John Marquess 1735 in Calvert Co., Md.

    72. John Beavers, born 1695 in Germany.

    Children of John Beavers are:
    i. Alexander Beavers
    ii. Elizabeth Beavers
    36 iii. Thomas Beavers, born 1718 in Germany; died 1770 in Loundon Co., VA; married Martha Cargil.
    iv. William Beavers, born 1720; married Abigail Hampton.
    v. Robert Beavers, born 1726; died November 09, 1774 in Sussex Co., NJ; married Elizabeth Armstrong 1742 in NJ.
    vi. Joseph Beavers, born 1728; married (1) Mary White Bef. 1750; married (2) Ann Clifford 1750.
    has a father of James Beaver for Mary Beaver
    and no other info

    another tree (Wilson Family Tree gives her father as:
    Thomas Beavers Birth 1718 in Bethlehem, Hunterdon, New Jersey, United States 
      Death 8 Oct 1770 in Loudoun, Virginia, United States

    and her mother as:

    Martha Cargil Birth 1715 in New Jersey, United States 

    Death 8 Oct 1770 in Loudoun, Virginia, United States

    with Martha Cargil's parents as:

    John Cargile Birth 1721 in Loudoun, Virginia, United States Death 8 Oct 1780 in Loudoun, Virginia, United Statesa

    Catherine Reno Birth 1722 in Stafford, Stafford, Virginia, United States Death 1774 in Virginia, United States  (why would their daughter be born in NJ then?)
    there are 10 more trees, and I'm not into climbing  them all, so will add the Studer family info, since it gives Thomas's fam, and Mary's siblings

    It's so funny that the obvious French name isn't even mentioned on any of these trees!

    ahhh ancestry, you are a fickle mistress!`

    next tree we see
    :STUDER family tree
     we find siblings for Mary and she's born in VA, and has Thomas and Mary Cargil as parents...and lots more of his tree!
    Mary DeBeauvilliers (Beavers)
    Birth 12 Jan 1745 in Loudon, Virginia, USA
    Death 14 Aug 1840 in Sevierville, Sevier, Tennessee, USA


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