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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The earliest ancestor

Well, Adam and Eve (or Lilith perhaps) might be on my tree somewhere.  With the new DNA searches, friends have followed their mitochondrial markers in various ways through tribes of ancestors.

I searched through some local cemeteries for the oldest person buried there.

In AncestryDOT com I've found the earliest ancestor on my father's Rogers line.  

It's Aaron John Roger, Birth 1265 in Rome, Roma, Lazio, Italy. Death 1356 in Somerset, England

I have no clue as to who found his data, or how these details of his life survived, not to mention those of his descendents.

Isn't this fun?  His wife's family was from Holland too, at least by the name.  
Elizabeth DeHoland, Birth 1270 in Italy.
  Death 1335 in Bodmin, Cornwall, England

And they both died in different counties.  I'm also struck that he outlived his wife by 20 years or so.  Just a bit unusual. And he certainly was long lived!
Since I've never been to England, I wonder if any of my friendly bloggers can clue me in on any more information.
14th century Somerset or Bodmin, Cornwall?
I did find a mention of a ruined chapel next to the big church in Bodmin, so that chapel probably was around when my ancestress died in the vicinity.
Chapel of St. Thomas a Beckett, Bodmin, Cornwall, England



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