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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Born 69 years before, part 3

Her first 7 children were born in Perry County, AL.  

Then the next child was born in Union Parish, LA and the next in Marion, Union Parish, LA.  Unfortunately, her last child is just given a birth date, and no place of birth, and I think this was really a grandchild.

If you read my post that mentioned how Perry County was trying to establish the capital of Alabama, you might wonder why the family moved to Union Parish, LA by 1840.  I don't have an answer to that.   Union Parish is on the border with Arkansas...where there's a Union County as well.

Another bit of sleuthing shows some impossible birth dates, one child born in Dec of 1835, the next one born on Jan 1 of 1836, and the next born also in 1836.  

As my ancestress was her second child, I'm not going to spend any energy beyond pointing out these flaws.

Census reports show a household which moved between 1850 and 1860 to Texas. Her husband in 1860 was living in a separate listing than she had, but in the same county of Walker, Texas.  At 56 she was living in Walker County, TX with son, John T.  (age 27) James E. (age 4) and Nancy E. (age 11.)  I'm pretty sure James E. is a grandson, and not her own, since she would have been age 52 when he was born in 1856.  Nancy E. could possibly be her own child, born when she was 45.

After she was widowed at age 64 she lived with her various children's families in Walker County Texas, as was the custom.
Her husband died in 1868, so the 1870 census of Walker County shows her living with Champion Powell, (age 38) and his wife, Maggie, their 3 children and Nancy's son John (33.)

At age 76 in the 1880 census, Nancy is listed as; Marital Status: Widowed; Relation to Head of House: Mother, living with John (Y?) Powell, farmer, age 37.  These census records have mistakes of course, human error can compound upon another error.  And people may not have always known how old another person was who lived with them.  So the next census has John just age 37.

She died at age 77, on June 27, 1881.
Her grave is in Old Waverly, Texas, a ghost town that the railroad passed by.
Nancy Jones Traylor Powell


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