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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Born 69 years before her, Part 1.

Nancy Jones Traylor Powell

Birth 16 May 1804 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia

Death 27 Jun 1881 in Old Waverly, Walker, Texas

I started this blog about the year I was 69.  All the adventure, some not so great, that happened in that year.  Then I noticed that the grandmother after whom I was named was born 69 years before myself...though she didn't live to be 69.

And I knew eventually I'd look for someone who was born 69 years before her.

Here she is. 

Now how is she my great x3 grandmother? 

My father's father was George Rogers.  
His mother was Bette Bass Rogers (see her blog Here).
Her mother was Mary Ann Elizabeth Powell Bass, (see blog about her HERE).
Her mother was Nancy Jones Traylor Powell.

I first looked into her life on a blog last year HERE.  At that time I was just learning things about her, and a year later I've found more than I expected, some of which is questionable.

According to Ancestry.com, she had 14 siblings.  She was the third child in the family.  One of her brothers, also born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, died where she did in Walker County, Texas, Dr. John Randolph Traylor, (1807-1864).  

Her parents, Champion Travis Traylor, Sr. and Sarah Jones Traylor, moved to Selma, Alabama by the birth of their 10th child in 1817.  They had their next child born in Perry County, Alabama in 1819.  

In 1821 a son was born back in Jaspar, GA (listed in Ancestry as living till 1855) who was given the same name as their living son, Champion Travis Traylor, Jr. (1809-1877)  I find this highly unlikely, don't you?

In 1822 back in Perry County, AL, another child was born, then Ancestry lists 2 more children of these parents without birth dates or places.  Another highly unlikely connection.

So I'll make an assumption of the Traylors having maybe only 11 of the 14 listed children.

Come back tomorrow as I review more of this great times 3 grandmother.  

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