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Monday, December 16, 2013

William T Williams 1824

Mr. William T. Williams was born on Dec. 16 1824, in Pulaski County, KY.
His father was Richard Frederick Williams, born in 1792 in Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, KY, who died in 1860 in Montgomery County, Missouri; and his mother was  Nancy Hansford, born in 1796 in KY who died after 1850 in Montgomery County, MO

William Williams died on 22 Apr 1898 in Weesatche, Goliad, Texas, USA
He was the father of Annie Elizabeth Williams Webb, my great grandmother.

He fought for the US Army in the Civil War, according to war records from Macon County, MO, July 1863, when he was 38 years old.  He is listed from the 4th sub-district, "Olio" as residence, and occupation is a merchant.  The original entry was changed later, with a red line through his entry and a remark, "Feb 22, 1865, In US Military Service."  He is not listed as "dead" as is another person on the same page, so it is presumed that he is still in the Army in Feb. 1865.  Everyone on this page is also in 4th Sub-district of Macon County with a name beginning "Wi..."  I can't find any reference to a town called Olio, MO, (though there are rave reviews through Wikipedia of a bar by that name in St. Louis.)
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He and his wife Dorcas (both born in KY) had settled in Middletown, Montgomery County, MO by 1860 with their children and he listed his occupation as carpenter at that time. His oldest was 12, having been born in MO, putting them there by 1848 at least.  The 6 year old, Margaret, was born in Iowa however.

In the 1850 census 10 years prior to that, it showed he lived in Montgomery County, MO and was a farmer, with 2 children, and now listed as both born in MO.  Their birth dates would place him there by 1845. 

There will be a blog post in honor of his wife Dorcas White Williams, on her birthday of Dec. 19.

I am enjoying finding more about him, namely his parents names, on Ancestry today.  Always amazed how many more siblings and cousins there are.

Back to the Williams, who both died in Weesatchee, Goliad County, Texas.  How did they get there?  I'd love to know.  The whole family immigrated following the Civil War.  And Annie Elizabeth William married there when she was 15, in 1877.

When Annie Elizabeth Williams Webb died in 1942, she had placed her father, William T. Williams' birth in Iowa.  Isn't it interesting to wonder who gave that information, probably the next of kin, Clara Bell Webb Bruce, her daughter who lived till 1971.

But there is a state boundary line between MO and Iowa, so perhaps the family lived on it.  I imagine some farms cross the boundary, and whichever state upon which they situated the home on their land might be the place the children were born.  Interesting thought.

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Karen S. said...

Gee this is great research, and while often sometimes not all our answers are met, or perhaps more questions arise, but each and every time I view documents about people, whether relatives or not, I'm just amazed at stepping into their lives, as they were, or at least how it was written down!