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Friday, December 13, 2013

Twas the night before...

OK, you've been here before.

About to start wrapping and then packing into those great packing boxes, and you don't have enough light to see, pull the cord, and blink, the light burns out.

Go find the step stool, figure out how to open this fixture under the fan which hasn't had any changes since being installed when the last fan died and was replaced 2 years ago, and it's not a regular light bulb socket.

SO, get into coat, hat and gloves, notice the hardware store a half mile away is open 15 more minutes...and drive into a pretty deserted dark center of my little town.

Look at a display of mainly bathroom fixture lights, or some for chandeliers, and get the biggest one that you can, which will shine from the center of the room.  Even pay for the name brand.

Ask about some stocking stuffer items, cause you've got 7 minutes to spare, and then can't find one of them, so go back and wait till the clerk is free, and she goes and shows you the 2 remaining ones, which are half price, and then check out well before the last customer.

After jay walking because there really is no traffic, go home, climb back on that little step stool, and put in the new bulb.  Voila!

Then wrap a few presents, which of course won't fit in just one of those nice boxes.  Do I want to send 2, or go find a bigger one for all?  Decisions, decisions.  I rescue a knit piece that the cat has found comfortable, including pulling some stitches which were obviously in the wrong place, spend a while finishing it and trying to get stitches right again...listening to a TED talk on Radio, and it's so good, I chase down the actual TED talk on line.

It is about helping everyone do better, feel more confident, and know they can be themselves better.  Can't lose.  Strike a power pose, like Wonder Woman.  I'll let you listen/watch it on the link which follows, Amy Cuddy is a professor at Harvard Business School.  Here's the link.

What you can do in private in your own home and then accomplish your goals...maybe?  Fake it till you...are who you really are.

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