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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


May I introduce Shiva, a sleek, well loved feline who loves to play with paper bags, string, yarn, and everything that looks like fun to cats.  You know how they are.

Kendra show just how patient Shiva is being, sitting in her arms when she would really like to steal that new purple scarf which I just knitted for her...for Kendra, not Shiva.

With the cold meds I'm taking, I dreamed up a cat last night. (Missing my 2 at home probably)  This spirit cat was a long haired un-kepmt guy with Siamese coloring.  He woke me up (in the dream) asking for some food, which I proceeded to come up with.  But he wasn't interested in being petted much, and disappeared before morning when I awoke to a grey cold Christmas.

Hope you have a good Christmas.

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