Sunday, December 22, 2013

Party time

You'd think I would post lots of photos of parties.  But I find people enjoy themselves just fine without a photo.

And last night I again begged off from a party that I really wanted to attend, because of the continuing cough.  This is my second bout with it.  I was actually totally healthy for a week, then bang, it started again.

So now I'm being extra careful to not keep using germy that a word?  I'm sterilizing things I eat with.  Of course the toothbrush was replaced, and I'm sterilizing it with hydrogen peroxide.
I don't feel as bad this time around thanks to Musinex (what a wonder to actually relieve the cough).
So I'm continuing with plans to celebrate the Christmas holiday.
I hope I have enough energy to get where I want to be...we shall see.

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