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Thursday, October 24, 2013

William McElhany, West Hanover, and Paxtang, PA

William McElhany was born in about 1766 in West Hanover Twp, Dauphin, Pennsylvania. (See below).  His only daughter was Jane McElhaney (McElhany) Booth (See post about her yesterday)

He was a veteran of  The "Pennsylvania -- 22nd Regiment Infantry -- War of 1812" and died on  Jan. 11, 1815.   See details in tomorrow's post about the War of 1812 Cemetery.

William McElhany was married on May 1, 1787 in Paxtang Presbyterian Church to Elizabeth "Betsy" McNeal McElhany  b. 1768, (See post under her name on Oct. 26).

The Mansion Today
Mansion built 1766 in West Hanover, PA
Info on West Hanover Township, Dauphin, Pennsylvania (part of present day Harrisburg) from Wikipedia:
Originally a part of the County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Paxton Township, West Hanover Township was formed by action of the court of Lancaster in 1785.  On March 4, 1842 East and West Hanover Townships of Dauphin County were finally designated as separate governmental precincts.
Historical sources list the earliest settlements in the area of West Hanover as prior to 1735.  Many of these settlers, were of Scotch-Irish Presbyterian origin that came in large numbers with English Presbyterian and Protestant refugees to Penn’s Woods.
Census records from 1800 list 1,862 inhabitants and thirteen (13) slaves.  For the year 1820 there were 2,618 inhabitants.

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