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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When a pot is not a pot

Play with negative space, peel open the side of a vase, then glaze with luminosity, raku fire so clay turns charcoal and this is what happens.

 Part of my studio display which will be available Nov. 16-17 from 10-6 in Black Mountain, NC. 

You can find 2 of us potters on Beech St., Sarah Vekasi and myself.  I'm the second house on the right, and she's at the top of the hill, a deadend.

Studio Tour is from the Blue Ridge Parkway to Black Moutain, called "Blue to Black."  I don't particularly like the name, but you do remember it, don't you?

If you look at the poster of all the artist's works, my mugs (with leaves on them) are pictured top row just below the top square of "Blue to Black Art." Sarah's plates are second from left on top row.  I made it so huge so you might be able to see the little squares of the artist's works.

I hope you come over to visit my little cottage studio on one of the days of this event!  See you soon!

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