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Friday, October 4, 2013

By the time you read this...

Muffin will have had her dental surgery.

The way I'm dealing with my anxiety is to jump to the future.

So here I am, actually (reality based) on Wed. afternoon, pretending that tomorrow has already passed, and now it's Friday morning.

So yesterday (Thursday) from my imaginary position on this post...I took her to the vet early in the morning.  Then I went to the people doctor, to have the cramping in my fingers looked at again.  I'll have to wait to let you know what my doc said, and of course may have some new information by the time Muffin comes home Thursday afternoon.

I know she will feel fine, though much of the procedure will be confusing to her.  I totally trust our vets.

I owe such gratitude to my friends who have donated to help me pay for this procedure, as well as many sales of pottery which were directly channeled into the tooth extraction fund.

So we will go through, er, we went through Thursday, well, whatever...it is all part of the journey.  It isn't where you're going that's important, but each step along the way.

Thank you friends, for being there for us.

UPDATE: Yes, Friday is finally here.  I wore out all my anxiety for the year yesterday.  The teeth didn't need to be pulled after all.  Two vets over 2 years had told me she needed extractions, so I gritted my teeth (sorry about that) and took this little one to have it done.  She didn't even have loose teeth, so they were cleaned, and a solution put on them to seal them and maybe help keep them longer.  She does have gingivitis so is on antibiotics for a week.

She is home, safe, hungry, and tired.  And she remembers what I did to her.  That carrier box is the enemy of course...so we will work to make it her friend.  She was able to eat chicken and broth fine last night.  And so far today she's mainly just sleepy, after a big breakfast of her normal food.

Oops, I need to go to the studio now.  Thanks for reading, and any comments you might feel like making.

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