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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Alexander Swasey Rogers

Alexander Swasey Rogers b.10.13.1908, my father's older brother.

Alexander 9 mos, Elmore 3, Galveston, TX 1909  (Elmore died in 1916)

Alex (b.1908) & Chauncey (b.1912) and dog (Lussie?) 1209 Broadway, Galveston

Alex and Chauncey, Galveston. Alex is the older brother.
Alex (oldest) Chauncey and George Jr (my father, the youngest in white sailor outfit)

l to r, Chauncey, Zulie, George Jr, Alexander. 1917 (my grandmother's sister Stella Winslow had a daughter Zulie born in 1910 )

father of Claudette and Sandra
husband of Donna V

Oct 36, Alex on floor, George Sr, Chauncey, Donah V, Mataley and Ada Rogers

Uncle Alex was in WW II

Uncle Alex died young, in VA hospital in Austin, TX 19 DEC 1949 of something secretive
but everything was secretive to Christian Scientists.  As a survivor of that religion, I've heard various stories, probably made up, and I'm not about to repeat them.  Sad that he wasn't around to raise his daughters, lovely young girls born 11 months apart.

Easter, 1948.  Before the egg hunt!  Gummy and Poppy, at home  in Houston (Ada and George Rogers Sr)
Claudette, Barbara, Mary Beth, and Sandra Rogers...cousins about to look for the golden egg!

While their father was hospitalized, their mother probably was in Austin as well.  So Claudette and Sandra stayed at their grandparents a lot of the time.

With all these sepia photos, I wanted to share this with Sepia Saturday...so stop over there to see some other blogs which are talking about ships...or something else.


Little Nell said...

A charming set of photos, and numbers 4 and 5 are particularly appealing with all those smiles!

Wendy said...

A wonderful timeline for Uncle Alex. I enjoyed all these photos, but in particular the one with his little girls is especially sweet.

Kristin said...

It's so sad that he didn't get to raise his little girls. You really brought him to life.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

So glad to hear from you in comments...yes when father's die young they miss the joy of raising their children. And I haven't ever seen a picture of the step father that helped raise them...I think Alex's family (my fahter's) didn't have much to do with him. Too bad, because he probably was a really nice man also.