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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mozelle Miller Webb Munhall

Mozelle Booth Miller Webb Munhall, my maternal grandmother.
Birth: 09 Sep 1897 in Hillsboro, Hill, Texas, United States (I just corrected the year of her birth by looking at the 1900 census in which she was listed in June as 2 years old, and born in 1897 not 1898, and her grave marker also says 1897.  This is a significant event, my finding my own error in a date and wondering how many people have seen and copied the wrong date on Ancestry.com)
Death: 2 Sep 1960 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, United States

married Albert Webb (1891-1919) on Aug 17, 1915,
married Frederick Munhall (1890-1927) on March 22, 1924
  • an artist who painted scenery with the Texas bluebonnets.
  • one of 4 sisters
  • a seamstress who provided impeccable tailored clothes for my sister and myself throughout our childhoods.
  • an alcoholic who impacted the character of my mother, and my own recovery as an adult grandchild of an alcoholic.
  • a mother before she was twenty (just my mother, b. March 26, 1917)
  • twice widowed before she was thirty

Mozelle Munhall's painting of bluebonnets in Texas.  Someone found me on Ancestry.com when they were starting to sell this painting....to see if I knew more about her career as an artist.  I didn't, but do remember several of her bluebonnet paintings in various homes of relatives.  I wish I had one.

Booth Family home in Hillsboro, Texas

The Victorian charm of little girls...before Shirley Temple came along and personified it.

Mozelle Booth Miller,  born in 1897 probably 3 years old here

Mozelle and Mataley, mother and daughter, 1924, San Antonio, Texas

Barbara in outfit by Mozelle Munhall, Dallas, Texas

A poor photograph of the Grandmommy I remember, from the 50s.  Always smoking, having a cocktail for dinner (or afternoon cards) and providing gowns for society daughters to go to balls in San Antonio.  There were many gorgeous dresses always hanging around in her rooms as I would visit her during summer vacations.

She was buried with her ancestors in the Miller family plot, where both her husbands were also buried.  She died in a hospital at age 62, a few days before her birthday and just months after I graduated from high school.  But she had sent me an antique locket which I still have.

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