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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Shrimp Taco

It happens all the time.
Friends get together at a favorite restaurant.  We drink a little.  We eat a little.  We tell stories about each other's friends and families, and maybe some jokes if we've heard any new ones.

I ended up telling about the Train Meets Truck Fruit Punch (see yesterday's post "Orange Crush" with picture

I also had heard about a state that's requiring voters to prove their citizenship before they can opposed to the federal law which says voters may swear they are citizens on pain of perjury if they aren't.  In my opinion those swearing citizens' votes will be tossed out in that state if there's any conflict.  Hey, I lived in Florida in that "chad debacle" over a decade ago.  A DECADE?  How can that have happened?  Well it did.

Speaking of debates, er debacles, you know what's on all channels tonight.  And Ronnie over at Times Goes By posted a Saturday Night Live spoof about undecided voters.  I think these people live in my neighborhood, and certainly shop where I get groceries.  Oh here's the SNL skit.

But the taco story is cute, I think.  Since the joke is mainly on me, and maybe friend Mimi (not her real name), I think I can tell it.  Mimi ordered first, then the two other people, and finally me.  Hers was to be a fish taco, mine a shrimp taco.  Can you see how this is set up?  Yep. 

Well, the other thing was the timing.  Mimi and Todd (also not his name) received their dinners and started eating.  Olivia (not her real name). and I sat and waited.  Well, Olivia kind of stole a shrimp from Todd's plate.  I was good and Mimi said how good her taco was.  Olivia got her soup and I still sat there with plenty of empty table in front of me.  I also was not eating fried foods so skipped the nachos and bean dip.

We were having a good time talking.  And drinking.  Did I mention that?  So eventually my taco comes, and it's fried fish.  Oh oh.  I probably said, nope, that's not mine.  Well, being the only empty place at the table, no wonder the young man thought it should be.  It was not the waiter who had taken our orders, and delivered the other people's dinners.  Why did I get a different waiter at this mistaken point in time, I wonder now.

Then Mimi admitted she was really enjoying the shrimp in her taco, which was half eaten by now.  And we mulled over different solutions, very verbally, probably all at the same time.  The young waiter who had delivered the fish taco left it (at our insistence) and went to find the older waiter who'd been around before.  We got the owner/manager instead.

By then we'd solved the dillema, just bring Barb another shrimp taco, and Mimi would eat the fish one that she'd originally ordered. 

Nobody wanted to let go of food, that was evident.  Once it got on that table, we wanted it.

Mimi has a great attitude about people's foibles, and makes everyone feel ok, by laughing that it's just her fault anyway.  Actually the waiter did put my plate in front of Mimi, but he didn't show up for a while (must have been on a break is my thought).  We didn't want anyone to feel badly really.  I just wanted to eat too.  Eventually my shrimp taco arrived.  I cut it up and ate it in 20 seconds...probably. 

We continued to talk and solve the world's problems, and wonder about relationships between our friends.  That's cause most of us don't have our own.  That's another story though.

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