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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Just a quick note to acknowledge the joy I obtain reading other blogs from around the world with my toast and coffee.

Whow...I looked this morning at raku kilns in New South Wales, Australia; simple living in Sweeden, birds in Alaska, water in Canada, a colonist in costume in Williamsburg, VA, wild flowers in Tennessee, and barns in Kentucky, and I don't remember what else.  And of course the pottery from around the world as well, especially interesting from New Hampshire, Maine, Japan, England and Florida.

I'm so grateful for the internet.  I can sit in comfort in my pj's, barefoot, with a shawl on my shoulders to keep me warm...listen to radio music from anywhere I like, any type I like...and read so very much.

If I don't know something about what someone says on a blog, there are all these great "search engines".  I always think of train engines somehow with that phrase, pulling a bunch of cars full of information, which I can click upon to read, or perhaps leave and go to another site I prefer.  What a smorgasbord of fun.

Feedback on my recent blog "rant" regarding having migraines which blind me.  I did go to the doctor and have a new prescription (fortunately not a high cost one).  That co-pay of $15 was well worth the 20 min. I spent with her, after waiting a half-hour of course.  She also advised me to carry the other blood pressure pills with me, and just take one if I start having the "shimmers" of a migraine.  I haven't had one yet to try this trick out.

I wonder if cutting back the caffeine to help my stomach has changed my vascular workings, which resulted in having all those bouts of blindness in a couple of days.  I am drinking what's called "half-caf" now.  I try very hard, but usually drink 2 cups, thus having the punch of one regular cup.  But that's better than 2 regular coffees, isn't it?

From the Asheville Citizen-Times, a silly banner about a potentially dangerous crash between train and semi.  No one was hurt.   Orange Crush, train hits fruit-filled rig   This happened where I frequently am driving, and just an hour after I'd gone by that way. on Sat.
Hope you have something to feel grateful for today!  I'm glad you are there to read this!

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