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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eugenia Witty Booth's youngest sister

Susan E. Witty Moore was born Dec 28, 1856, in Texas.  I'm not sure of the actual location.  I believe by 1857 her father had started the Subdivision in Hill County that was to be named Woodbury, and in the cemetery many of the Witty family are buried, including Susan.  But I'm not sure they moved there (from Marshall, TX) as a family until 1860.

By the 1860 census of the Witty family, she is listed (as of July 30 when the census was taken) as being four years old. There was one source (another census) which gave her age such that she would have been born in 1857, but I'm going with 1856 and have changed the Ancestry listing on my tree.

It is nice that the youngest of 9 children was named after her mother, Susan Hoke Witty.  

In the 1870 census her family says she is 13 (in agreement with having been born in 1856, because her birthday isn't until Dec. and the census was in July again...thus the question was answered, how old will she be in this year?

The wonderful census of 1900 tells how long people had been married, as well as listing their names and birthdates and states in which they were born.

In 1877, Susan had married a farmer, James J. Moore, and they lived in Justice Precinct 2, Hill County, Texas with their 14 year old daughter, Edna.  James is listed as having been born in Alabama, as her parents were, though later records suggest he was born in Texas. 

Susan Witty Moore died Sept 10, 1902, in Woodbury, Hill County, Texas, and has a nice big grave marker in the Old Woodbury Cemetery, where many other of the Witty family are buried. 

Susan E Witty Moore headstone
The "Texas Find A Grave" information gives this information about her:
Children: Edna Mae Moore (1885 - 1916)
Siblings: Martha E Witty Barnes (1846 - 1914) Mary Witty Hughes (1848 - 1876), Laura Dove Witty Patty (1854 - 1935)

Her daughter, Edna, died of tuberculosis in 1916, and her death certificate information was given by her father, J. J. Moore. So I know he lived until that year in June.  Unfortunately I am unable to find much information about James J. Moore.

She may have been only 46 when Susan E. Witty Moore died, but she outlived her sister, my great great grandmother who died at 23 in 1877.

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Martha Cooper said...

I was so excited to read your blog about Laura dove Witty Patty. She is my great grandmother. My Grandmother was her youngest daughter, Eva Fay Patty Herring. I would love to share information.