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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer Solstice to ALL

for 2014.
Anything I can say differently than in the past?  Well, today is the day Americans call the first day of summer.
It's also the shortest night of the year (the night of the 20th).
Friday morning was half moon

I dip a bowl into glaze, and if I watch it's curved outer surface on the horizon of the wet glaze, that's  how light from the sun is hitting the earth.  I tip it further and further towards it's north pole, and when it can't possibly go any further, that's the summer solstice.  The sun has been still, and as the earth tilts toward it there's one magical moment (6:51 am Saturday, June 21, 2014) when the earth changes it's tilt and starts going back the other direction.

I think I'll meditate on that.  The earth stood still.

Sounds like something from a novel.

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