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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Micajah Clack Rogers 7 May 1795

Last year I posted a good bit, including a picture of the man...HERE.
So please look at that because it says most of what was happening in his life.
Is there anything to add today?

Born in Sevier County, TN
died 15 Feb 1873 in Huntsville, Walker, Texas, United States

For one thing, he had siblings:
His parents, Rev. Elijah and Catharine Clack Rogers had the following children as well as Micajah, their oldest, all born in Sevier County, TN.

Robert Henderson Rogers, 1796 – 1869
Mary Rogers 1799 – 1869
Elizabeth Clack Rogers  1805 – 1864
Matilda Langford Rogers 1807 – 1841
Caleb Butler Rogers 1809 – 
Dialtha Rogers   1810 – 1884
Amanda M Rogers 1812 – 1876
Henry Rogers  1815 –
Spencer Clack Rogers 1817 – 1886

Joshua Gist Rogers

None of his siblings seemed to have moved as he did towards Louisiana and Texas.  So it made me wonder if his wife's family did any of this movement as well.  No, most of them stayed in Tennessee, as evidenced by the places they died.

So it was the influence of his adult children who somehow made an alliance with the Gibbs of South Carolina which led him to go west.

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